Time to Take all Catholic Churches Off the Electric Power Grid?

Border line Communist Pope Francis is preaching for the total elimination of oil, gas and coal production in his speech to the United Nations climate conference otherwise known as Cop28 in oil rich Dubai.

Actually Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State (who flew to Dubai in a fossil fueled private jet) gave the speech on behalf of the Pope. Comrade Francis was suffering from a lung infection and was too sick to deliver the speech himself.

Luckily the Pope is receiving top notch health care using oil based hospital equipment.

The Pope wants to totally eliminate fossil fuels and said the church must educate people to do without them. So here is what they must do.

My response to this New World Order Communist ideology includes my recommendation that every single Catholic Church globally immediately disconnect itself from the coal powered electrical grid that provides power to these structures.

Every piece of oil based construction material must be immediately removed from all said Catholic Churches including plastic seats, linoleum flooring, internet connections, phone lines and the vestiges worn by the priests and church leadership which are all oil based.

The Catholic Churches must also disconnect all water to their churches because the water is fed to the churches via power created by the coal powered electrical grids. All gas lines used for cooking in all Catholic Church kitchens must be disconnected.

This Marxist Pope also stated regarding climate change: ‘It is not the fault of the poor, since almost half of our world, that is more needy, is responsible for scarcely 10 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, while the gap between the opulent few and the masses of the poor has never been so abysmal,’ he said.

So the Pope is blaming the global free markets and hard the working capitalists and entrepreneurs who create jobs and cash flow for the Catholic Church coffers for this fraud man made climate change and thus free market capitalism must be eliminated by eliminating all fossil fuels.

This is the same generational line of Catholic leadership that set up escape routes called Rat Lines to aid NAZIs in their escape from a defeated Germany to South America in the 1940s and 1950s using said fossil fuels they now want to ban.

Ladies and Gentlemen the head of the Catholic Church is a dangerous Marxist who is working in unison with the Director of the United Nations who is also a full blown Marxist and we tax payers are funding it.

Even the Communist appointed by installed President Joe Biden, U.S. Special Envoy To the United Nations Comrade John Kerry also announced for the first time that the United States will not build any new coal power plants, and the Biden Administration will phase out existing ones.

No word yet on if the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate was included in this Marxist plan.

Now you see why they want to disarm us law abiding patriots in the USA. We ain’t going to put up with their crap for much longer.

Copy to Pope Francis
The Vatican – Rome Italy.

©2023. All rights reserved.

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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    Yes – cut off electrical power to the Vatican and this hypocrite Pope now and don’t give medical treatment to him using any equipment produced with the help of fossil fuels or powered by same.


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