Biden Needs A Lesson In History

During the second world war under the command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who later became president of the United States, demanded that Germany surrender to save lives.  They refused. As a result a number of major cities in Germany were carpet bombed and totally destroyed. There was no pause in fighting and the civilians were not given escape routes. General Eisenhower knew that many American soldiers along with Germans would die if the war was not brought to a speedy end. He did what had to be done to defeat Nazi Germany.

President Harry Truman, one of America’s great Presidents, had a similar choice with respect to Japan. He knew that an invasion of Japan would cost many American and Japanese lives. He  Demanded that Japan surrender, but they refused. He wanted the war to end quickly to save lives. To accomplish this he  bombed two major cities in Japan. He was right, the war came to an end quickly.

The current Biden, White House is demanding that Israel conduct the war with one hand tied behind its back. This is a recipe to extend the war and kill more Israeli troops and Gazan Palestinians. Israel has told the Palestinians to leave certain areas where Hamas is entrenched. Israel has given them escape routes and some have decided not to heed the warnings and become human shields.  Undoubtedly many of these Palestinians know where the hostages are imprisoned, but as a humanitarian act they refuse to tell it to the Israelis or Americans.

It should be noted that a recent poll indicates that 75% Of the Palestinians in Gaza  support Hamas. When they elect to become human shields they become an integral part of Hamas’ military strategy. In addition the so-called humanitarian aid is falling into Hamas control. For over 75 years this aid has been used to build tunnels throughout Gaza and the Hamas war machine.

Israel is doing everything it can to protect the Palestinians even though 75% support Hamas.  No other army in the world has ever done anything like this to support an enemy population that continues to support Jewish genocide.

With one hand, Biden supports Israel and with the other he supports Hamas.

It is unfortunate he listens to pro-Iranian and pro-Hamas supporters in the White House and Congress.

It not only prolongs the war, but it together with Americas failure to respond to 74 attacks on American forces by Iran’s proxies will be interpreted by Iran, China and Russia that internal division in America has made it weak.

Israel Fights in Khan Yunis while Weighing U.S. Concerns

By Gordon Lubold · Wall Street Journal

Israel continues to target the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis, while the U.S. has called on Israel to minimize civilian casualties and increase aid allowed into Gaza. Giora Eiland, a former Israeli general and national security adviser, said the American demands on aid and objections to mass evacuations of civilian areas are counterproductive. “We are fighting with one hand tied behind our back because we are supposed to take care of the population in Gaza,” Eiland said. Of the Biden administration, he said: “With one hand they are helping us, and with the other, they are helping Hamas.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, “Lately, I have been asked whether we have the legitimacy to continue fighting, and to that I answer: We do not have the legitimacy to stop. There is only one legitimate thing to do: to win against Hamas, to strike them and eliminate them – destroying their governing and military capabilities, and bringing the hostages home.”

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How the IDF Is Reducing Civilian Casualties in Gaza

By Yaakov Lappin

The Israel Defense Forces is making great efforts to limit civilian casualties in its war against Hamas, despite the terror group’s core strategy of embedding itself in the heart of civilian areas and sites.

A sophisticated control center at the IDF Southern Command monitors and evaluates the situation in Gaza in real time. The system divides Gaza into 623 blocks, each featuring detailed data on civilian presence, in a continuously updating smart map. The information is made available to air, ground and naval units, and can have a decisive influence on IDF actions.

This information is crucial for analyzing the evacuation of Gazan civilians and understanding the distribution of the civilian population. The control center primarily serves a humanitarian purpose, and enables IDF commanders to evaluate how “clean” of civilians a given sector is before launching any kind of strike or maneuver.

A senior IDF official said, “The IDF puts a lot of effort in…to make sure that civilians won’t be on the battlefield. Unfortunately, we are facing an enemy whose core strategy is to do exactly the opposite.”

The military has demonstrated a commitment to addressing the immediate humanitarian needs arising from the conflict, facilitating the construction of new pipelines to ensure water access in areas like Khan Yunis and Dir Al-Balah. The IDF has also coordinated the entrance of two field hospitals and the evacuation of injured civilians to these facilities.

All of these efforts reflect a concerted attempt to balance the military imperative of dismantling Hamas’ army in Gaza against the need to minimize collateral damage as much as possible. (JNS)

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