Hamas Vows ‘Worse and Greater’ Islamic Attacks, Threatens Hostages Will Be ‘Executed’ Unless Their Demands Are Met

They won’t kill the hostages. That would be a mercy.

They will keep them for years just as the jihadis kept Gilad Shalit.

And the female captives? You don’t want to know.

Hamas must be destroyed. End of story.

Hamas vows to carry out ‘worse and greater’ terror attacks on Israeli civilians in chilling new threat after warning hostages will be executed unless their demands are met

By: Daily Mail. December 11, 2023:

Hamas has vowed to conduct ‘additional terror attacks’ against Israeli civilians, with the terrorist group warning that ‘what is coming is worse and greater’ in a chilling new threat.

Abu Obeida, spokesman for Hamas’s armed wing, threatened to kill more civilians on Israeli soil – more than two months after the terrorists rampaged across southern Israel and killed 1,200 people as they fled a music festival or their homes.

Obeida, referencing a shooting attack conducted by two Hamas gunmen on a bus stop in Jerusalem on November 30, said ‘what is coming is worse and greater’.

Three Israeli civilians – a woman in her 20s, a woman in her 60s and a 74-year-old rabbi – were killed in the attack at the bus stop during rush hour.

Security camera footage showed a white car stopping beside the crowded bus stop, before two Hamas gunmen stepped out and charged at the commuters. Within minutes, off-duty soldiers and an armed civilian shot dead the two terrorists.

Obeida’s vow that ‘what is coming is worse and greater’ comes after he warned Israeli hostages will be executed unless Israel meets Hamas’s demands.

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