On Islam & The Deliberate Artillery Fire Against The Merit Principle

Isn’t it nice that someone else noticed?

There is more than a little truth to this

Pro Hamas mobs shut down Manhattan Bridge

It is good to see someone with the raw courage to simply tell the actual truth, as it is written in their scripture, and as it plays out in world history, and as it shows itself from time to time now across the West where Islam is imported en masse.

Another example of the true nature of the way our systems work. Compare this to the obvious Jan 6 victims of the ‘legal’ system. Add to that, the chief prosecutor has made it clear he is continuing to hunt down and arrest people at the protest who were not even near the Capitol Building, and that they would not stop arresting people for Jan 6 till they reach 2000 people. This of course has nothing whatsoever to do with law breaking. This is a Stalin like quota on counter revolutionaries, And no, I am not exaggerating whatsoever. The names change to not alarm people too too much. But the methods are what they always are in communist police states. This is a link to the Charlie Kirk show with Jan 6 lawyer, Julie Kelly. She is a MUST listen.

That link is from January 8, but she was on the Charlie Kirk show yesterday, December 12, 2023 and it was of spectacular importance. The details and facts on the Jan 6 arrests are unprecedented in a free society. Having a quota for arrests for people who have not committed a crime…

Thank you all for your kind attention to this site and its truly horrifying reveals.

A brief look at what happens when you abandon the merit principle and presumably substitute DEI:

A self proclaimed, mathematician and physicist, although really just a student, uses the authority he does not yet even have, to argue against counter-trans reasoning, by claiming the speaker “cannot even get his wife wet”. The classic argument of the scholarly mathematician. In a Hegelian world.

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