RED ALERT: Dangerous Legislation to Expand Surveillance on American Citizens

The march towards government control over the lives of every citizen in America continues with the proposed legislation mentioned below. Similar to the days of the colonists who brought the United States into reality in 1775, present-day citizens (colonists) better push back against every level politician; regardless if they are local, county or state and clearly national who does not measurably demonstrate their commitment to defending the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the freedoms granted to the citizens of this exceptional nation. Push back against every politician who seeks office for their own agenda, rather than to serve and represent We The People. Do not regard the mere words of those already in public office or seeking such, but demand examples of their dedication to serve others first by demonstrating what they have already accomplished in their present sphere of influence.

Buried in the U.S. House Intelligence Committee’s Section 702 “reform” bill, which is scheduled for a floor vote today or tomorrow, is the biggest expansion of surveillance inside the United States and against citizens since the Patriot Act. The below link will provide a brief but clear example of this most intrusive act working its’ way into our lives unless killed!

The Global Elites and Uniparty club members are determined to bring down the sovereignty of the United States, and to push our nation into the global community, the New-World Order where national sovereignty is a thing of the past, as well as the freedoms Americans have enjoyed. Don’t read this and think you can do nothing. Pray…seek true wisdom and guidance as to what role YOU can take in keeping America “the shining city upon a hill” as President Reagan said in his farewell address in 1989.

©2023. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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