Marxist Mayor of Boston Planning a None White Atheist ‘Elected of Color Holiday Party’

The Communist racist Mayor of Boston Michelle Wu is planning an atheist “Elected of Color Holiday Party” reserved only for NONE white members of the elected counselors in the Socialist city of Boston.

Her Communist aid sent out an E mail inviting all members of the city counsel by mistake (oops) which also included the white members of the counsel. Well that did not go as planned.

Now, when the brave and honorable white conservative Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, first of all they celebrated Christmas not Mr. Holiday. Who is this dude Mr. Holiday anyway ?

Secondly, the Constitution and the Amendments are all inclusive for all Americans not just the racist Michelle Wu’s select group of none whites.

The Communist aid to the racist Mayor of Boston whose name is Denise DosSantos realized her massive mistake including these evil white people in the email invite so she sent out another email 15 minutes later apologizing for inviting the white people.

She reiterated that the city counsel atheist Holiday Party was only meant for the city’s six councilors of color. The seven white council members were not welcome.

Now this communist racist Mayor Michelle Wu makes $207,000 a year sucking a pay check from the hard working citizens of Boston most of which are white. Perhaps we should reevaluate her pay and downgrade if to $20 a year.

This racist maggot also refers to the four seasons created by the sun and earths rotation as “Climate Justice”. The same mentality as the Marxists running the United Nations.

She said communities of color, low income and working class families, and immigrant communities are more likely to see environmental hazards and face exposure to pollution, urban heat island effect, flooding and other impacts of climate change.

My family are minority Venezuelan immigrants, we don’t ever recall getting exposed to these factors more than our white neighbors. This Mayor has the IQ of a Cretaceous period trilobite. She is certainly a full blown Marxist and needs to enter a Communist Chinese reeducation camp lol for more advanced training.

She also wants to commit Boston to carbon neutrality by 2040. Somebody please tell this racist maggot that more Carbon Dioxide is emitted by the citizens of Boston “breathing out” than by any car exhaust with a state of the art catalytic converter.

So her plan is for all Bostonians to breathe in oxygen but then hold their breathes indefinitely to get to get to carbon neutrality ? Perhaps only white people must hold their breathe. She’s is a moronic idiot.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls our white Founding Fathers created the greatest nation in the world and it’s Marxist vermin like Michelle Wu that hate this country, they hate our constitutional republic, they hate white people and they despise free market capitalism.

She needs to relocate her sorry ass to some Communist utopia like Cuba or China and avoid the white patriots that built this republic.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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