The Woke Defense Department Cannot Meet Recruitment Goals

When installed President Joe Biden took office without even campaigning, thanks to all the fraud mail in ballots illegally counted and probably formerly printed in Communist China, his next move was to decimate our military defensive posture or at the very least change the political structure of its current members and leadership.

The United States military works under a fiscal year (FY) from October to September and going into this FY 2024 military statistics show our republic has the smallest military in more than eighty years.

The woke liberal Pentagon led by Communist Chinese sympathizer Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin commenced his dismantling of our armed forces by unconstitutionally forcing all active and reserve personnel to get an untested COVID-19 vaccination or face dismissal from the service.

The U.S. armed forces are primarily manned by conservative patriots who are accustomed to following constitutional orders to go break things and kill bad guys, but this former COVID-19 requirement infringed significantly on their 1st and 4th amendment rights so over 8,400 highly trained troops flipped the Pentagon the middle finger salute and said “bye” and left the military.

This included 3,717 Marines, 2,041 sailors, 1,841 army and 834 Air Force and Space Force.

Ashish Vazirani, originally from someplace in India is Comrade Bidens / Pentagon’s acting undersecretary for personnel and readiness.

I’m not sure if he has access to any Top Secret Indian curry recipes but he definitely has access to US military secrets.

Under this pitiful weak woke leadership the armed services have missed their recruitment goals in 2023 going into 2024 by a combined 41,000 personnel. Only Trumps Space Force and the Marine Corps have met their manning goals.

Now don’t forget this woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin the Chinese Communist sympathizer also tried to dismantle the entire leadership of the Naval Special Warfare Command up to and including SEAL Team 6 (DevGroup) by forcing all these SEALs to get COVID-19 vaccinations.

Comrade Lloyd Austin was willing to decimate the nations entire SEAL Team force structure by violating the SEALs 1st and 4th amendment rights placing our nations national security in grave jeopardy.

48 Navy SEALs mostly senior officers and Chief Petty Officers sued the woke DOD maggots and won. The Pentagon was found guilty of significantly violating the SEALs rights to religious freedom by denying their request for religious exemptions from the COVID -19 vaccination.

The Defense Department was ordered to pay $1.8 million to cover the Navy SEALs legal fees after they won two lawsuits the Navy SEAL core leadership thus did not have to leave the military as demanded by Lloyd Austin and focused once again on National Security issues.

Now as we head into 2024 the Pentagon is crying like babies pleading for new recruits to sign up and serve especially after the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, African countries like Niger and the Sudan had military coups and now Hamas and Israel are at war.

The Pentagon has promised no more forced COVID-19 vaccinations but todays Gen Z crowd are not interested in military life especially having to serve openly with homosexuals and transsexuals who are demanding tax payer sex change operations while serving in the military.

These young Gen Z kids are afraid someone will drop the soap in the shower and they will have to pick it up.

Our military readiness will continue to suffer until these woke communists running the Department of Defense are removed, Even better, kick all the gays and transgenders confused by which bathroom to use out of the military instead of those patriots refusing COVID-19 vaccinations.

Let’s restore our military back to a kick ass fighting force not a politically correct sodomite scientific experiment.

2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


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