France: ‘You’re a Jew, you’re a Zionist. Five of us are going to rape you, cut you up like they did in Gaza.’

Since October 7, all over Europe, the number of antisemitic incidents has skyrocketed. Far from being ashamed of the atrocities committed on that day by their fellow Muslims, the support for Hamas among Muslims in Europe, as in the West Bank, continues to rise precipitously. The latest attempt to terrify Jews took place in Paris, where a knife-wielding intruder threatened to rape, mutilate, and kill the director of a Jewish daycare center for children under the age of two.

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“‘Zionist, We Are Going to Rape You!’ Knife Wielding Intruder Threatens Director of Jewish Daycare Center Near Paris”

by Ben Cohen, Algemeiner, December 14, 2023:

Police in France have launched an investigation after a man armed with a knife entered a Jewish daycare center in a Paris suburb where he threatened its female director with rape and mutilation, citing the Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom in southern Israel as inspiration.

“You’re a Jew, you’re a Zionist. Five of us are going to rape you, cut you up like they did in Gaza,” the unidentified intruder told the terrified director, whose name was given in French media outlets as Delphine.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at “Les Mini Kids,” a daycare center in the Paris suburb of Val-de-Marne. Wielding a knife with a six-inch blade, the intruder entered the center with his face uncovered, heading for the director’s office. After making his threats, he fled the scene and remains at large….

Uttering his threats of rape and murder, the assailant did not even bother to wear a mask, apparently unconcerned that the police would be able to identify and find him, possibly even believing the director of the nursery would be too petrified to report him.

Interviewed by broadcaster Europe 1, Delphine said that the encounter had left her in a state of profound shock, and that the center would be closed until further notice.

“I’m afraid,” she said. “I can’t tell myself that I’m going to reopen a nursery where I welcome babies, parents. We’re going to see psychologists, to see how it evolves and that this trauma does not end in depression, or even more.

That intrusion by the terrorist, could not have lasted more than a few minutes, but in addition to the psychological damage for the Jewish owner of the preschool, it has also had economic consequences for the school and its director. She has had to close down the nursery “until further notice” because of her worries both about her own safety and that of the under-two-year-old children she takes care of. And she is not alone in her fears; some parents have apparently decided not to send their children back to the school when it reopens, resulting in a significant economic loss for the Jewish director of the nursery, Delphine.

She added that “for now, parents do not want to come back at all; there are some who want to remove the children from the nursery altogether.”…

Antisemitic acts have risen precipitously in France since the Oct. 7 atrocities and the subsequent bombing and invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces….

Many Muslims in France, as elsewhere, including the West Bank, have been inspired, rather than horrified, by the Hamas atrocities carried out on October 7 — the babies beheaded, the children burned alive, the torture, rape, and murder of girls, the women whose breasts were sliced off, the men whose genitalia were cut off, the children murdered in front of their parents, the parents murdered in front of their children. And no shame was expressed by any Muslims in France about any of this, save for the lone example of the Franco-Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, who for his expression of horror at Hamas’ atrocities was roundly condemned by a whole slew of Moroccan writers who apparently did not think that, if taken in “context,” those attacks did not merit criticism. Indeed, across the Arab world there was almost no public criticism of Hamas for what took place on October 7.

“It creates a stressful situation, but French Jews want to hold their heads high,” Kaminski remarked.

But can French Jews “hold their heads high” in a country where more than 10% of the country’s population is Muslim, and — more frightening still — 40% of the children under the age of 4 are Muslim? The signs are not good. French Jews. if males, have stopped wearing kippahs in public, or if females, no longer have Stars of David on their necklaces, to avoid being assaulted. They have started to place mezuzahs on the inside of door frames, rather than outside, for the same reasons. The French state has not cracked down on those who, in public protests, shout their desire to eliminate the Jewish state and replace it, “from the river to the sea,” by a twenty-third Arab state, and who call for the annihilation not just of Israelis, but of “the Jews.”

No one among the current crop of French officials dares to mention that antisemitism is an essential part of Islam, nor that for the sake of the survival of both French Jews and the indigenous French, there needs to be a total ban on any further Muslim immigration. The next French parliamentary election is in 2024, and the next presidential election in 2027. Let us hope that the National Rally and Reconquête parties win overwhelmingly in 2024, to put a halt to Macron’s appeasement of Muslims in both his domestic and foreign policies, and that in 2027, either Marine Le Pen, or Eric Zemmour, carries the day, and an immigration policy based on a clear understanding of Islam’s anti-Infidel hatred and violence will finally put an end to the Muslim invasion — for that is what it is — of France.



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