The ‘Hamas Atrocities’ Video

Newsrael News Desk published an article titled “Academic just saw the ‘Hamas atrocities’ video: His impressions.”

Here is what he had to say:

I just watched the roughly 45-minute footage of October 7th at a private screening in NYC. Here are my immediate thoughts minutes after watching it.”

The video starts w/ Hamas terrorists riding in the back of trucks armed with AK-47s, RPGs, & a few heavy machine guns, through a cut in the border wall. The terrorists all screaming with joy, yelling over & over “Allahu Akbar!” More trucks & motorcycles into Israel behind them.

[ … ]

Seconds later a Hamas approaches the shelter the father and sons entered, looks in, and then throws a grenade into it. The father falls out of the shelter dead, clearly having attempted to stand between his sons and the terrorist.

The boys are pulled out of the shelter over their dead father’s body by a terrorist. They are taken back into the house, put on the couch in the house. Now sounds vividly of their moans of pain, blood from their injuries covering them, the boys talking to each other “Dad is dead”

The older brother trying to comfort the younger, covered in blood now. “Can you see out of your eye? No? Not at all?” “No I can’t see anything.” The terrorist next to them going through their fridge picking out the water and coke to drink.

[ … ]

Hamas footage of their vehicles arriving to the festival, terrorists jumping out to all fire at the teenagers running through the field. One of the Hamas heavy machine guns mounted in the back of a pickup opens fires.

[ … ]

Rape & targeting of the young women at the festival. 1st a video of a group of more than 5 teenage girls scared, shaking huddled together in a tent. Hamas terrorist enters the tent. All girls handcuffed walked out of the tent now all bloodied faces. Some put in different vehicles

[ … ]

Many scenes of burned bodies. Bodies frozen in awkward positions in vehicles, on the highways, in their homes and burned to ashy skeletons. It gave me memories of visiting concentration camps of Dachau and seeing the photos of the holocaust.

[ … ]

I’ve seen my share of evil firsthand around the world in wars of the Middle East/Ukraine/etc. I’ve seen heinous cruelty/dehumanization/mutilations. I’ve looked evil men in the eye. But I’ve never seen so many evil men (hundreds, thousands) show such joy in committing their acts.

[ … ]

I understand now why this video must be selectively shown. You can’t watch it without be in some way traumatized. I will never forget the children. Photo after photo of dead children in their PJs. Mickey Mouse, Stitch (my daughter loves at the moment). Covered in blood. Dead.

I hated having to watch the video. You can’t unsee the evil shown in it. No one should want to see it, but the horrors of that day should never be forgotten. Never rationalized away. The phrase in my head the whole time “Never Again” from the past, but I was watching it again.

Source: John Spencer Chair of Urban Warfare Studies | Author, Understanding Urban Warfare | Host UWP podcast – X

Here is what  Chris Cuomo after seeing the same videos on the October 7th attack on Israel had to say:

As Chris Cuomo this unprovoked attack was perpetrated to intentionally create a second Holocaust. It was a message not only to all Jews but to all non-Muslims that we will do the same to you, your children, daughters, wives and loved ones.

We must realize that this is now WW III, a war against Western Civilization.

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