Delicious Skittles here in Bogotá Colombia Banned In Communist California

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls.

I am winding down my time here in beautiful South America and getting ready to offload our apartment and it’s furniture to Karina’s family and friends here in Bogotá Colombia.

These past 2 years flew by and I’ll be glad to be back in Florida permanently soon with my conservative Trump supporting promiteda Karina.

Today we were at the Jumbo supermarket here in Bogotá Colombia and look what we found in the candy section “Skittles.”

Watch this very funny Skittles commercial’s compilation of “Taste The Rainbow” ads.

Now I have been eating Skittles since I was 5 weeks old. My mom would crush them into delicious crumbs and mix them with her breast milk in a blender. I grew up on Skittles.

But did you know the communist dictators in the California legislature have banned Skittles because they said they are dangerous lol. The nanny state is led by that hypocrite loser Gavin Newsom.

Well after 61 years of eating Skittles I am still going strong lol still no after affects other than my intense dislike for the Communists in California destroying this once free and prosperous state.

My beautiful Venezuelan fiancée Karina and I will be in the USA by January but first here is a photo of a packet of Skittles. Banned in California.

My cousin in a Nevada has offered to ship Skittles to the kids that won’t them lol in California.

Remember these same Marxists banned flat screen TVs in the Golden State plus they just banned gasoline powered lawn mower edgers and power washers starting next month.

Anyway Karina has made me promise her that we will never, ever, ever live in California or New York State.

She said had enough of that same “communist crap” when she was in Venezuela.

I swore to her on stack of Victoria Secret Catalogs that we will never ever live in either of those two communist ran states.

Plus I said I’ll buy her an AR 15 and all the accompaniments for her birthday in March and get her tuned up in self defense.

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