DISSENT TV: Interview with ‘America First’ candidate for the U.S. Congress Suzanne Harp from Texas

We had the great pleasure of having Suzanne Harp on our DISSENT Television program to talk about the cultural war being relentlessly waged against we the American people.

Suzanne is running for the U.S. Congress in Texas District 3.

Suzanne provided us with insights into what we can do to resist this “cultural war” that goes from the school house to the White House and from the school room to the board rooms of many corporations.

WATCH: DISSENT TV’s interview with ‘America First’ candidate for the U.S. Congress Suzanne Harp.


Suzanne was born in Dallas, Texas, to John and Elizabeth Cassimatis. She is a 6th generation Texan on her mother’s side, and her father came to America as an immigrant from Athens, Greece, after enduring the Second World War and the Greek Civil War. Suzanne’s father taught her to love and respect America. He also taught her to be mindful of government that oversteps its bounds.

She spent 16 years of her professional career as a sales executive building business, solving complex problems, adding value to her company, clients, and the community. Suzanne has strong business acumen in many industries, including technology, marketing, travel, hotel management, and professional sports.

Today, Suzanne is a Vice President with a leading Mergers and Acquisition Investment Bank, building win-win relationships and alliances within the professional communities of CPAs, Wealth Advisors, Attorneys, Financial Services, and Consultants.

Suzanne considers her most significant accomplishment raising and homeschooling her four children in Judeo Christian values with her husband, Bill, of 27 years.

Suzanne and Bill carefully raised the four kids to cultivate a relationship with the Lord by studying God’s Word alongside the great philosophers to develop a Biblical Worldview, a deep understanding of the Constitution, and the blessings of being an American. Today, her children have gone on to serve the Lord’s calling in their life as congressional staff and working in the counter human trafficking space. As a Washington outsider, Suzanne brings a unique perspective to the problems that plague our country.

Suzanne decided to run for Congress to provide Texas’ 3rd Congressional District with the missing leadership and give the much-needed voice to fight for religious liberties, election integrity, border security, counter human trafficking, runaway spending, and stop unconstitutional mandates. Suzanne has a keen understanding of the challenges ahead but believes our Constitution and this great Republic are worth saving.

Suzanne promises to defending Texas from the radical left and RINO Republicans.

Learn more about Suzanne at SuzanneForCongress.com.

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