Iran Sponsored the October 7 Massacre and America Paid for It

The detailed reporting on Iran’s direct involvement in the Oct. 7 massacre that has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and in the Israeli press stands in stark contrast with the public assertions of the Biden administration about the lack of any Iranian involvement.

  • Wall Street Journal article on October 8 exposed how Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps worked with Hamas to plan the attack.
  • New York Times article on October 13 reported the commander of Iran’s Qud Force was directly involved in this planning.
  • Wall Street Journal article on October 25 revealed that hundreds of Hamas fighters received specialized combat training in Iran in the weeks preceeding October 7.
  • Jerusalem Post article from November 5 indicated that the attack was originally scheduled for Passover, but was delayed by Iran.  The article speculates that the reason may have been the ongoing negotiations with the U.S. over the $6 billion in Iranian assets that were released in September.

The Biden administration confirmed that Iran has accessed the additional $10 billion that the U.S. released in November and continues to deny any knowledge of Iran’s involvement in the attack.

Iran Sponsored the October 7 Massacre. America Paid for It.

A chronicle of the Biden administration’s increasingly absurd attempts to hide its complicity in the worst mass killing of Jews since the Holocaust


It may strike some observers as curious, and others as unimaginably evil, that only weeks after Hamas slaughtered over 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, the Biden administration awarded sanctions waivers worth $10 billion to Iran, the primary external sponsor of those attacks. The waiver, which allows Iran to collect money from the sale of electricity to Iraq, an arrangement that further deepens Iranian control of that country, came with an added bonus: Iran would be allowed to convert the funds into euros which it could spend immediately, without the usual requirement that the money remain in escrow inside Iraq. The prospect that Iran might immediately spend the money it receives on continuing to target U.S. bases in Iraq and Syria doesn’t appear to have disrupted the deal, either.

Which is strange. In the informal but apparently binding relationship between the Biden administration and the Iranians, minor events like a horrific, large-scale terror assault on a close ally, the kidnapping of American children and burying them in underground tunnels, and the regular maiming and occasional killing of U.S. military personnel on American bases in the region can hardly be permitted to interfere with the goal of ensuring that billions of dollars reach Iran every month, in order to buttress the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Showing its awareness that there is something obviously bizarre—not to mention hideously amoral—about this relationship, the administration has gone to absurd levels to downplay Iran’s role in the massacre. According to The Wall Street Journal, hundreds of Hamas terrorists who took part in the attack received specialized training in Iran. Meanwhile, reporting in Israel indicates that Tehran was involved at the operational level to the extent that it determined the actual timing of the operation, moving it to October from its originally planned date during Passover. These reports are the latest in a series that began to come out immediately after Oct. 7, that have directly implicated Iran in various stages and aspects of the terrorist onslaught, in addition to its already well-understood role as Hamas’ main funder, arms supplier, and political sponsor.

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