VIDEO & COMMENTARY: On The Communist State Of The West

It seems some of the big guys are calling it like it is.

WATCH: Discussing Communism in All Its Glory | Michael Malice

READ: Mark Steyn lands on the line in his article “You Make Me Feel So Jung”

A small sample:


Dennis Prager equates the mutilation of American schoolgirls with the enforced clitoridectomies of Muslim females – and he’s correct that it destroys whatever claim to moral superiority the west might once have had: it’s not merely the transformation of “the formerly good into the bad” but of the formerly good into the evil. It is not Putin or Chairman Xi or the mullahs who are slicing the breasts off thousands of middle-schoolers and rendering them infertile.

If you feel a wee bit queasy about mutilating little girls, well, unless you’re as rich as JK Rowling, better shut up, hater. Nevertheless, there are, as Marx would have said, internal contradictions in the new Utopia.


Unlike the constitution-wavers of the American right, the left does not live in abstractions. It makes hard-power calculations on what’s useful to them. Muslims are, and Jews aren’t. Tough, but, like the mobsters say, nothing personal, strictly business. Thus, according to Canada’s state-funded national broadcaster, “Israel started the Hamas war” – while that whole October 7th unpleasantness was just a bit of freelance rape and murder one has to accept (per Sadiq Khan) as the occasional price of living in a great global city kibbutz.


But, at the top, the people who are doing this to us are not doing it “unconsciously”. They understand very clearly that the new utopia can only be built on a mountain of corpses – from myocarditis, from body positivity, from diversity stabbings, from whatever it takes. I said some years ago that those tearing down statues of every king, queen and prime minister would soon move on to actual human beings: if you are determined to erase the entirety of the past, why would you balk at the abolition of human biology? In both cases, it is to ensure that there is no path back: no nation, no community, no family, no civilisational inheritance. You can only stagger onward, deeper into the void.


 This year’s freshman class at the University of Vermont is two-thirds female; is it so hard to imagine it as an all-ladies’ college? And sooner than you think?

Heraclitus said “cold things warm, warm things cool, wet things dry and parched things get wet”. But even he might have been surprised to see men become women, and ugly men become beauty queens, and people who remember when only women were women become social pariahs. There is no “hypocrisy” or “inconsistency”; au contraire, it is admirably consistent: What serves the left’s interest is the destruction of all norms and of all the most basic societal building-blocks – and of the widespread confusion and disorientation that follows. For in chaos all things are possible: Forty per cent of French pre-schoolers are of a “migrant background“. There’s another one for Heraclitus: French children become non-French. But don’t worry, because soon all children will become, genetically speaking, non-anything – just as soon as they’ve perfected that “male womb“.

Click through for the whole article. It’s well worth the trip.

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