Israeli Defense Forces find Islamic Bombs for Tots in Gaza kindergarten

Israeli Defence Forces find explosive belts made for kids, toy chests with warheads in Gaza and more.

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Israel finds explosive belts made for kids, toy chests with warheads in Gaza

BY Ronny Reyes, NY Post · Dec. 24, 2023:

Israeli soldiers found Hamas explosive belts adapted for children and toy chests hiding warheads at a Gaza kindergarten, the army said over the weekend.

The Israel Defense Forces said a sweep of a Hamas-operated area near schools, a mosque and a medical facility turned up a weapons compound filled with countless explosives.

In the compound, the IDF found explosive belts specifically modified for children to wear, along with dozens of mortar shells, hundreds of grenades and several intelligence documents, it said Sunday.

The raid on the compound was carried out after Israeli troops took out seven Hamas terrorists in the building.

After the refugees were evacuated, a sweep of the building turned up rows and rows of grenades, RPG missiles, explosives and firearm ammunition.

The eerie discoveries were revealed just a day after the IDF announced that it had found another weapons cache inside a kindergarten.

“IDF troops found toy boxes filled with dozens of mortar shells, warheads and RPG type anti-tank missiles in a kindergarten in Gaza,” the Israeli military said in a statement.

The Israeli army has long accused Hamas of harboring its members and weapons inside civilian areas in Gaza, with the small explosive belts suggesting the terrorist group was even attempting to use child fighters in its war against Israel.

The IDF did not specify which areas in Gaza the raids took place, as the Jewish army advanced across all areas of the Palestinian enclave — and added forces underground to root out the enemy in its elaborate tunnel system.

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