Biden Targets and Deports Legitimate Asylum Seekers to Venezuelan Jails

The installed Marxist dictatorship operating in the White House ran by the corrupt Joe Biden and his evil entourage continue to work closely with the criminal Narco Communist (indicted by the former Trump Administration) the installed President of Communist Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

Former President Trump’s State Department offered a reward of up to $15 million for information leading to the arrest of this Narco drug trafficking Communist installed President of Venezuela.

Under the current Biden Administration, whether it’s buying Communist controlled oil from Caracas or deporting Venezuelans with legitimate asylum cases (who fear for their lives) back to Venezuela, Joe Biden is the epitome of pure Marxist tyranny undermining everything Trump put in place to help defeat this horrible Communist regime.

In order to help dismantle and block the flow of hard currency like U.S. dollars into Venezuela (which went directly to the Communist government), former President Trump signed Executive Order (EO) 13884 on August 5th 2019 preventing American citizens from engaging in pretty much all financial transactions with the Venezuelan government. Biden is an American citizen right?

The corrupt Marxist Joe Biden has since been aiding the Marxist Maduro government obtain US dollars by lifting sanctions and purchasing Venezuelan oil which has injected millions and millions of dollars into Maduro’s Marxist regime.

This has significantly helped fund the Venezuelan military and expand the reach of Communist Venezuela enabling Maduro to threaten Venezuela’s local neighbors like the free country of Guyana.

Former President Trump also signed an Executive Order limiting the communist government of Maduro from liquidating assets after the sham/fraud election in Venezuela in 2018. We too experienced a sham fraud election in the USA in 2020.

An estimated 4 – 6 million Venezuelans have fled this Communist dictatorship over the years to countries like the United States, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Central America.

Including my fiancée living here in Bogotá Colombia who was granted a protective status order by the conservative Colombian congress giving her legal residency here in Colombia for ten years.

The economic destruction of Venezuela by the Communist dictatorship has led to 14,000 percent inflation decimating the minimum wage to a value of less than $2 a month.

The United States is on the same inflationary path as Venezuela as evident by the insane tax and spend and printing of dollars to fund more government socialist crap being intentionally inflicted on our republic by the Biden Administrations reign of terror.

Very important. Former President Trump gave Venezuelans in exile in the United States protection from deportation.

Before leaving office Trump used the Deferred Enforced Departure Program or DED giving temporary legal status to Venezuelans who escaped from the humanitarian crisis created by Maduro’s Communist dictatorship.

Trump put his strong Presidential arm of protection around these good people providing Venezuelans and Cubans an opportunity to get work permits in the USA.

All this while the fake news media in the USA controlled by the Communist Democrats called Trump a racist who hates Latinos and Latina’s all because he wants a secure border.

Only the President has this authority using the DED process overriding the Department of Homeland Security. Now Comrade Biden does the opposite.

Biden, the corrupt Marxist in the White House understands these good people from Venezuela and Cuba given asylum by former President Trump are possibly future Republicans and or political conservative independent voters like myself.

Thus Biden has been coordinating with the Marxist Maduro in Venezuela and the Cuban government in Havana by deporting these courageous Venezuelans and Cubans granted asylum by Trump.

They are continually being rounded up from cities like Miami and deported to Caracas and Havana many of whom are now in Venezuelan and Cuban jails as political prisoners.

As an example, former Venezuelan helicopter pilot lieutenant Pedro Naranjo and his father a retired General in the Venezuelan army plotted against the Venezuelan dictator Maduro to free their country from his tyrannical fist of oppression.

They both finally fled to the USA together out of fear of their lives.

Trump offered them sanctuary but the Biden Administration ordered the deportation of this brave helicopter pilot back to Venezuela.

Lieutenant Pedro Naranjo formerly free in the USA with an extensive knowledge of the Venezuelan flight school operations critical to help US military intelligence now sits in a Venezuelan military prison as a political prisoner of Maduro thanks to Joe Biden.

Lieutenant Naranjo’s father is still in political limbo in the USA separated from his son with threat of a Venezuelan prison after he’s deported much like many of the J6 protesters who are now political prisoners of the corrupt Biden installed government.

In November 2024 we MUST re-elect President Trump and we the people must remove this illegitimate President Joe Biden from office via the electoral process and ensure the integrity of our elections by banning mail in ballots.

Not only for the sake of our Republic but for global peace and security and freedom for the good citizens of Venezuela, Cuba and all of Central and South America.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


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