California Marxists Running the State Into Insolvency

Communist controlled California in Sacramento and its Marxist elitist county and state legislators depend entirely on free market capitalism and entrepreneurs to fund its current anti-American, anti-Capitalist green redistribution of wealth agenda.

The majority of these entrepreneurs that are funding this anti capitalist governance with their risk taking entrepreneurship and sweat equity are voting with their feet.

They are closing down their businesses and capitalist ventures and getting the hell out of this Marxist ran Golden Shower State quagmire.

Data analytics in state-to-state migration from Communist ran California show thousands more high-earning, well-educated workers have left this poster child state for Communist Beijing than have moved in.

California has an absurd income tax revenue collection process running high at 12.3% on income taxes. It’s Marxist redistribution of wealth policies have injected an unbearably cost of living increases on middle income earners pushing some into homelessness or living in RVs and forcing others to leave the state.

This interference in free market capitalism by the California legislative Marxists trying to redistribute wealth from the hard working entrepreneurs to the non productive registered Communist Democrat slackers has directly resulted in significant drops in collected income tax revenue.

Many wealthy entrepreneurs who create jobs and fund this Marxist government have left California crushing the state and local government budgets. For example Elon Musk relocated much of his job creating empire to Texas and Florida.

The Communists managing California’s State budget have also calculated a possible $68-billion deficit in the next fiscal year thanks to a massive 25% drop in personal income tax collection in 2023.

The human excrement sidewalk capital of the world in the San Francisco Bay Area has also documented massive tax revenue declines.

Entrepreneurs don’t like heading out to the office sidestepping spent drug paraphernalia in the streets and walking around sidewalks blocked by homeless encampments smelling of strong urine in Comrade Nancy Pelosi’s failed district.

Highly educated job creating entrepreneurs and middle class workers are leaving this Communist ran redistribution of wealth utopia much like the brain drain of Communist Venezuela.

Americans who have NOT yet been indoctrinated into being compliant little atheist Marxists kneeling before Governor Newson (as documented by the California school system Stalinist training manuals) just want to be free and keep most of what they earn to feed and house and clothe their families.

States like Florida, Texas and Nevada that do not have a state income tax or an over regulated business model are welcoming high earners from California and embracing their job creating entrepreneurship.

This Job creation creates tax revenue for these states all the while these governments keep a hands off approach allowing these people to thrive and succeed. As per Constitutional governance.

In 2017, capitalist and former President Donald Trump backed a massive federal tax cut that also returned hard earned money back to California families and not the government socialist slush funds.

California’s economy is decelerating faster than Marty McFly’s DeLorean entering Hill Valley with California’s unemployment rate, most recently adjudicated at 4.8%, which is a significant point higher than the nationwide average.

California also only has only $24 billion in its rainy day general accounting fund coffer which is less than half of what’s needed to cover the expected shortfall.

Let’s hope they don’t have a massive earthquake in the very near future which will most likely wipe out some destitute and economically depressed cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco forcing this Commie ran dictatorship into solvency. Maybe that would be a good thing.

Good luck California you sure need it. If you actually had a fair election with integrity Republicans would be controlling the state.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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