NEWSRAEL: Operation ‘Swords of Iron’ News Summary for January 5, 2024

– Eli, the father of Idan Shativ, who was declared abducted yesterday after 90 days in which he was declared missing: “He has been injured since October 7, we are very worried. I was relieved when they officially announced. I want to tell Idan to stay strong, I am sure he is helping everyone. I don’t want to reach the 100th day, I want it to be over this week”

– The British actress Glynnis Jones, who played the mother of the family in the classic film “Mary Poppins”, passed away at the age of 100.

– A Hamas terrorist was hospitalized at Wolfson Hospital and underwent two surgeries. The staff members do not want to treat him, also because there are staff members whose family members were murdered.

– After accepting responsibility for the explosion in Iran: ISIS called on members of the terrorist organization to carry out attacks against Jews. And also – the spokesperson of the organization came out against the Iranians and warned the Palestinians against cooperating with them.

– IDF forces operated for 40 hours in the Noor al-Shams refugee camp. An explosives site was located on the second floor of a UNRA kindergarten.

– The editor of the newspaper close to Hezbollah: “The elimination requires a response that will restore deterrence.” And – a Lebanese political official noted that the assassination embarrassed Hezbollah, which is not interested in an all-out war.

– Hamas terrorists launched an SA-7 anti-aircraft missile at an Air Force “Owl” helicopter in the Khan Yunis area. The missile missed the helicopter but hit the clinic of Kibbutz Nirim and caused heavy damage.

– The Iraqi government announced that it will establish a bilateral committee, the purpose of which is to prepare for the end of the presence of the US-led multinational coalition in Iraq. The announcement was made in a written statement published on behalf of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad al-Sudani.

– The Chief of Staff to Ministers at the Cabinet discussion: “We will decide when we will conduct an investigation, this is not about policy, but a professional investigation of the IDF on alertness and readiness, the investigation is not intended to examine the national level”

– Suspected murder in the north: a woman’s body with signs of violence was found in a vehicle in an open area.

12:06 – LEBANON: Lebanese report: 3 Hezbollah terrorists were killed in Air Force strikes a short time ago, including a field commander.

12:15 – IRAN: The red flag of revenge was raised this morning over the Jamkaran Mosque in the city of Qom in Iran. The official reason: the attack on the cemetery in Kerman. [VIDEO]

13:02 – GERMANY: The German Foreign Ministry: We are monitoring the situation on the Lebanese border, and the danger of escalation in the Middle East is real

13:06 – GAZA: The explosion of the al-Talal mosque in Bnei Sahila in the east of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip which was used by Hamas with tunnels and arms caches [VIDEO]

13:15 – ISRAEL: Kibbutz Nir Oz announced the murder on October 7 of Tamir Ader, a 38-year-old resident of the kibbutz who has since been identified as a kidnapper. Adar left behind his wife Hadas and two children aged 3 and a half and 7, and according to the announcement he was murdered while going out to defend the kibbutz.

13:40 – USA: Report in “Politico”: The Biden administration is preparing and building plans for a response, due to the growing concern of the Americans about the expansion of the war in Gaza, to a widespread and prolonged regional conflict.

14:05: GAZA: The moment the occupation bombed the upper floor of a residential tower in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip. [VIDEO]

14:19 – CANADA: Canada: A grocery store owned by Jews was set on fire in Toronto, the suspicion is that this was an anti-Semitic incident. Its windows were smashed and the inscription “Free Palestine” was sprayed on one of the doors. There were no casualties in the incident, the police opened an investigation

14:26 – LEBANON: Lebanese report: an Israeli drone attacked a house in the town of Merohin in southern Lebanon.

14:28 – GAZA: Arab report: An Israeli drone attacked a bus by firing a missile near the “Kandila” school in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

14:50 – Red Alert in Ashkelon region, Gaza border towns

15:17 – LEBANON: Lebanese channels: An Israeli drone attacked a short time ago in the area of Mahbib in southern Lebanon.

15:21 – Sderot: Rocket hits Sderot City Hall – During the recent volley on Sderot, a rocket struck Sderot City Hall, causing damage but not hurting anyone.

15:29 – GAZA: Last night at noon a car was attacked in the Nizirat neighborhood in the center of the Gaza Strip. After a few days, the bodies of 2 of the 5 terrorists who were killed were identified.

15:30 – IDF: The commander of the Southern Command at the operational learning forum for commanders in the reserves: “You have proven by your actions that you are the pillar of fire of the society and the state in Israel”

15:44 – USA: Jason Greenblatt: ‘If Trump were president Hamas would not have attacked Israel’

16:01 – PERSIAN GULF: The Indian Navy said on Friday it was tracking a Liberian-flagged ship in the Arabian Sea that had broadcast a distress call about an attempted hijacking and had dispatched a destroyer to provide assistance.

16:07 – LEBANON: Nasrallah: “The killing of Saleh al-Aroori and our brother Badahia will certainly not go without response and punishment. The decision is in the hands of the territory.”

16:48 – Middle east: After boycott campaigns, McDonald’s acknowledges its decline in Middle Eastern markets (except Israel)

17:17 – LEBANON: During Nasrallah’s speech – 5 failed launches were made into Israeli territory. None of them crossed into the territory of Israel. Just like 80% of the rockets fired from there.

17:27 – SAMARIA: Arab report of clash with IDF troops near Jenin

17:35 – LEBANON: Red Alert in Kiryat Shmona, Tel Hai, Upper Galilee

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