Sarah Idan, from Iraq to California running for Congress in the 30th Congressional District

Sarah Idan is a former Miss Iraq who is now an American citizen. She is running for Congress from the 30th Congressional District in California, hoping to replace Adam Schiff, who is running for Senator. She is more than just a pretty face.

When she announced in March that she would be running for Congress, she had a few exchanges on Twitter with Ilhan Omar, responding to one of Omar’s tweets with this:

“I don’t stand for your anti-American, antisemitic, Muslim Brotherhood agenda, using this democracy to further your…Islamic socialism goals of dividing and weakening our country.”

And in announcing her candidacy for Congress, she said: “I would just be the opposite of Ilhan Omar. I’m a Democrat and liberal, but I don’t think like her – I don’t hate this country.”

Given her allure, both mental and physical, she promises to be an articulate and mediagenic opponent of “The Squad”; it’s not hard to imagine that, whether she wins or loses, she will be given massive media coverage, which she could put to good use by educating the American public on Islam, terror groups, and the need to defend Israel’s right, and support its fight, to exist against those who would, if they could, obliterate the Jewish state.

Of course, we don’t know whom she will be facing in the Democratic primary, it might be someone even more impressive. Nor do we know what Republican might be running against her.

She said it makes her sick to her stomach to hear students on US campuses say the Hamas attack was an act of self-defense.

“I want them to see the horror that caused the war on Gaza. The world is shouting ‘Free Palestine’ and it was never about freeing Palestine. This is not about freeing Palestine — killing innocent families and burning them alive. This is not freeing Palestine, this is terrorism,” she told Channel 12 on Tuesday [Dec. 26].

Idan has prior experience with jihadists. In 2008, at age 18, Idan, having taught herself English while a refugee in Syria from the war in Iraq, offered her services as a translator to US forces in Iraq. During her military service, as she recounted in a recent X post, she aided US troops in fighting Hamas of Iraq, an extremist group separate from the Palestinian terror organization.

Running as a Democrat, Idan intends to be “the anti-squad,” she told Channel 12, referring to the group of hard-left Democrat progressives that have staked out positions highly critical of Israel, among them Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar.

“It’s not just about Israel. My Iraq is already lost. I lost my Iraq to the Iranian regime and to the radical Islamists and I could never live there. So the US is my only home and I need to protect my home and sadly, The Squad, when it comes to the Middle East, I feel like they have no experience, they’re being told what to say.”



EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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