Democrat Proposes Resolution to Remove the Statue of Liberty

Killing America. And no, this is not the Babylon Bee.

Freshman Dem proposes bill to remove Statue of Liberty in protest of GOP’s ‘bigoted’ immigration law

Rep Maxwell Frost accused GOP of ‘removing the fabric of America’

By Lindsay Kornick · Fox News

Rep. Maxwell Frost, D-Fla., was mocked on social media Wednesday for telling Republicans to pass a bill to remove the Statue of Liberty along with their “bigoted” immigration law.

A House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing on immigration discussed H.R.2, the House GOP’s Secure the Border Act, the comprehensive border security and immigration bill passed back in May. The bill would restrict the asylum process for people crossing the border and require resumed construction on the border wall.

The freshman congressman was one of many Democrats who attacked the bill, though he also produced a mock bill to remove the Statue of Liberty for Republicans to also pass.

“My colleagues from the other side of the aisle, let’s be honest with immigrants who deserve better than what you’re offering them. Don’t welcome immigrants if you plan to reject them. If you keep pushing your bigoted H.R. 2 bill, then also pass this bill. I’ve taken the liberty of drafting it for you,” Frost said, holding up the draft. “It removes the Statue of Liberty, our largest symbol that tells people to come here.”

“This is who you are, removing the fabric of America. So, I want to know which Republican, who supports and voted for H.R.2, will introduce this bill,” he continued. “If you’re gonna support H.R.2 and these bigoted measures, the least you can do is not be a d–n liar.”

Frost’s reference to the iconic sculpture was blasted for conflating significant immigration reform with text on the Statue of Liberty.

“This is ridiculous,” The Telegraph contributor Nile Gardiner remarked.

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