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“Woke airline policies need to end”: Scott Kirby in drag pictures surface as United Airlines CEO comes under fire online over DEI video

By Amrita Das, Jan 15, 2024:

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has come under fire for newly surfaced photos where he appeared in drag. The pictures were posted on Libs of TikTok’s X feed on January 15. The group claimed United Airlines shifted their focus onto including and sponsoring drag shows into their business.

Under the same thread, the group posted video footage of an interview with AXIOS, where Kirby was asked how the DEI program is executed in the company. To that, the 56-year-old CEO said they are aiming to have women and people of color as 50% of their employees. Kirby revealed only 19% of their pilots now comprise people of color or women. He added:

“And by the way, from all the data I have seen, that’s the highest of any airline in the country.”

Scott Kirby also expressed his pride at the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion campaign at United Airlines. The video was met with criticism from the netizens. They complained the DEI programs in corporate companies are making way for inefficient people to get hired for jobs.

In the case of airlines, people wrote that hiring an unskilled pilot through DEI would pose potential threats to the safety of the passengers and other crew members onboard a flight. One user called this campaign ‘woke’ and said these policies should end.

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