VIDEOS: The Communist Takeover Of America and its Churches

There was a time when simply mentioning the seeping of Marxism into our country would have not only raised eye brows but would have created quite a reaction. Today Marxism has been allowed, even promoted, into our schools, social settings, and the church at-large! Yes…the church across America has been flooded with Marxism, as have our schools.

This edition of ARIZONA TODAY brings together two individuals who are recognized subject-matter specialists revealing the incredible footing Marxism has taken in our American fabric.

Beneath Sheep’s Clothing nationally premiered in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 11th, and I am bringing you my brief interview with nationally known Trevor Loudon who was a tremendous help in the formation of the film, and a separate interview with Julie Behling whose research, book with the same title, and her production of the film will prove insightful and sobering. Julie’s interview was conducted by Monica Crowley who, herself, is a nationally known political analyst, and advisor to presidents. I will follow this distribution of ARIZONA TODAY with an additional show allowing for more time to develop the material you are about to learn. Both the film and the interviews are startling.

Marxism has walked into our churches and schools with little to no resistance.


Dr. Rapacki interviews Mr. Loudon at the Premiere of the movie Beneath Sheep’s Clothing created by Ms. Julie Behling. The movie describes Soviet style tactics against U.S. churches:

Author Julie Behling Details The Communist Takeover Of America:

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