Betrayed AGAIN: Here’s the Republicans Who Voted to Fund Biden’s Corrupt Runaway Spending

US Congress passes bill to avert government shutdown, sends it to Biden

By: Richard Cowan and Makini Brice Reuters, January 19, 2024:

WASHINGTON, Jan 18 (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved a stopgap bill to fund the federal government through early March and avert a partial government shutdown, sending it to President Joe Biden for final approval.
The measure passed 314-108, with 106 Republicans and two Democrats in opposition.

Earlier on Thursday, the Senate had easily passed the bill, with a 77-18 vote ahead of the weekend deadline.

“We have good news for America. There will not be a shutdown on Friday,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, said on the Senate floor just before the vote in that chamber.

That sentiment was not shared by some far-right House Republicans.

“It’s a loss for the American people to join hands with Democrats, form a governing coalition to do what Schumer and the Senate want to do,” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good told reporters after the vote.

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Congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a new stopgap spending bill that would extend government funding into March, as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R., La.) sticks to his plan to defy the most brass-knuckled budget hawks in his party in a bid to avoid a government shutdown.

Conservative Treehouse:  The short-term CR negotiated in part by House Speaker Mike Johnson, passed the House on a 314-108 vote margin.  207 Democrats and 107 Republicans voted for it.  Yes, that’s correct; more democrats supported the CR than republicans, and this is with a republican house majority.

It’s a Democrat CR bill being brought up by a Republican House Speaker and passed by the UniParty. Almost half of the Republicans voted against it (106), while just 2 Democrats voted no. The DC UniParty in its full glory.

“Our Speaker, Mr. Johnson, said he was the most conservative speaker we’ve ever had, and yet here we are, putting this bill on the floor,” said. Rep. Eli Crane of Arizona in a floor speech ahead of the vote, adding that the situation is what “led to us to vacate Speaker McCarthy in the first place.”


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  1. Glynnda J White
    Glynnda J White says:

    I knew this guy would be a dissapointment….the libs accepted him too easily.
    If a lib is FOR something, it is immediately suspect and probably corrupt, and wrong.


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