Florida’s Congressional RINOs Who Keeping Funding the Communist Democrat Machine

The great state of Florida has the distinction of hosting the pro gay anti family bend over Pluto Disney World and has built the greatest number of “fleece American toll roads” in the United States.

So it’s not surprising that there is a small group of “fraud” Republicans infesting Congressional districts in Florida who just voted to keep funding installed Marxist Joe Biden’s corrupt government on a Continuing Resolution vice putting together a balanced fiscally sane budget.

They are congressional members:

  • John Rutherford,
  • Maria Salazar,
  • Laurel Lee,
  • Carlos A. Giménez,
  • Mario Diaz-Balart,
  • and Gus M. Bilirakis.

These lazy bottom feeding Republican Congressional Trilobites have voted to keep the printing presses running producing worthless dollar bills.

They have also refused to tie funding to the necessary allocations to secure our borders and gave Biden and Pelosi permission to keep our republic on track for fiscal inflationary destruction.

Let’s briefly review these RINO Republicans.

John Rutherford with his alleged inside information on stock trading reportedly violated the STOCK Act with his failure to post a timely FEC report regarding his stock sales.

Maria Salazar is the poster child for illegal immigrants. She has said in the past that she might be open to offering citizenship to some undocumented immigrants. Notice she avoids using the correct adjective of “illegal immigrant”

In regards to President Trump, her liberal Republican In Name Only (RINO) easily offended mentality stated,

“The president has used pretty insensitive words”

Congresswoman Laurel Frances Lee can be designated as a quitter in chief after she resigned as Florida’s Secretary of State without giving any reason.

Then we find out she wanted to pursue a job as a career politician and was elected into Congress. Then as a RINO fake republican she voted to support the Joe Biden’s Marxist tax and spend agenda.

Then we have Cuban born RINO socialist Congressman Carlos A. Giménez.

This fraud Republican supported the Communist felonious cockroach Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and has now voted to fund Biden’s economic destruction of our republic.

On May 19, 2021, Comrade Giménez was one of only 35 Republicans who “ALL” the communist Democrats and he voted to approve legislation to establish the anti Trump January 6th Commission.

As for Mario Diaz-Balart he is a pretty strong conservative so I am confused as to why he supported this Marxist legislation.

His only other Un-American and anti 1st amendment vote was posted on February 4, 2021, when he voted with 10 other Republican House members and all voting Democrats to strip patriot Marjorie Taylor Greene of her Committee responsibilities because he was “offended” by her 1st amendment protected political statements.

Finally we have Gus M. Bilirakis who actually has a record as a strong conservative so this vote goes against his and our conservative values of fiscal responsibility.

In early October 2018, Bilirakis did release a campaign advertisement claiming credit in crafting legislation in fighting opioids in Pasco County, Florida. In the advertisement, he took credit for a law he did NOT have any input in crafting. So it’s a indirect form of stolen legislative valor.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen a brief synopsis of the Republicans who just approved another useless Continuing Resolution that has advanced Joe Biden’s Marxist agenda into March 2024.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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