Daily Caller’s ‘Rigged’ Reveals Radical Steps Democrats Have Taken To Undermine Elections

In Biden’s America, it’s easy to forget what normal feels like. We feel the impact of Democrats’ radical shift on virtually every issue and lose sight of the fact that things don’t have to be this way. In fact, only a few short years ago, Americans could basically all agree on the fundamentals.

Nowhere is this more clear than in our most time-honored tradition: safe and secure elections.

In the Daily Caller’s latest documentary, “Rigged,” we expose the radical tactics that brought America to the brink in the 2020 election. We prove that it’s not Republicans who have changed how they think about elections, but Democrats who have run off a cliff of extremism with only one goal in mind: to rig elections in perpetuity.

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Watch a few minutes of the corporate media, and you’d think that Republicans have gone insane. In the Trump era, it’s said Republicans use every dirty trick in the book to “suppress” and “restrict” the vote. There is constant talk of the Republican “assault on voting rights” and overall “threats to democracy.” Major companies often use their market power to reinforce the party line, as in the corporate protests over Georgia’s voting reforms. Hell, not-Governor of Georgia Stacy Abrams still insists her ill-fated campaign was a victim of a “stolen election.”

But ‘Rigged’ shows what Democrats really mean when they use this sort of language. The Daily Caller spoke with Hans von Spakovsky, head of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, who explained just how radical Democrats have become.

The first case to shine a spotlight on election integrity came in 2000, with a hotly contested presidential election that ended in legal battles, recounts, and eventually, a 537 vote margin of victory for George W. Bush in Florida. Seeing the need to restore confidence, Spakovsky explains how both sides came together in good faith to repair the “deep disillusionment” the American people felt toward the election systems. The 2004 Carter-Baker Commission put forward bipartisan recommendations for how to achieve common sense reforms: how to “maintain clean voter rolls,” “make sure people aren’t registered in more than one state” and ensure absentee ballots are handled “with very secure means.”

Yet today, when Democrats speak of voter “suppression,” what they really mean is anything that furthers these goals they once supported. Now, they even seek to reverse them. Examining how Democrats now work to “loosen up the rules around our elections,” Josh Findlay of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Election Protection Project explained the “three main functions” of Democrats’ election policy.

First, they aim to create “the widest universe of voters,” with pushes to lower age and citizenship requirements. Next, they want to “create as many ballots as possible,” flooding the country with mail-in and absentee ballots that require little identity verification. And the ultimate goal is to “get ballots in boxes” — giving Americans nearly endless and effortless ways to vote.

The media, of course, tries to conceal this with a bait and switch: the question, as Spakvosky points out, is not whether this results in “widespread” voter fraud necessarily, as the media assures us cannot happen and as 2020 proves is exceedingly difficult to substantiate. Rather the question that must be asked is, “are these elections we can have confidence in?”

As ‘Rigged’ proves, the answer is a resounding no. Democrats used to agree with Republicans on the importance of election integrity; now, they do everything they can to undermine it. There’s no way to trust a party that says they are cheating as they do everything in their power to make it easier to cheat. And it only makes matters worse when they attack anyone who opposes their efforts as the true danger to free and fair elections. There’s only one party that poses a “threat to democracy,” and it’s not the Republicans.

Watch ‘Rigged‘ now to find out all the ways Democrats have spent the past two decades working to undermine the safety and security of our election.

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