VIDEO: Time To Take Our Border Back

The border crisis in Texas, and actually across our nation, has set off a fire storm of concern not seen since the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack on the World Trade Center. Fear, anger, annoyance at elected officials who merely talk is spreading in towns, villages, rural areas, and major cities experiencing the diabolical results of the deliberate collapse of American sovereignty.

A national citizens Call to Defend the Border has sounded and been received.

From many states citizens, semi-truck and car convoys along with various podcasts Americans have arisen and are responding to the call Take Our Border Back.

Mentioned below are resource platforms to follow the truck and citizen call to Take Our Border Back being held this Saturday in Yuma, Arizona as well as in Texas and California.


The Take Our Border Back leadership team asks you to join us in praying for our nation, elected officials, and uniting our country. Our peaceful convoy will help all Americans have a respectful conversation about the future of our country.

The time has come to unite as a country and pray.

©2024. Take Our Border Back and Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.


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