Biden’s Unconstitutional Wars in the Middle East have Commenced!

The corrupt criminal, installed Marxist President Joe Biden today unconstitutionally engaged in military combat operations in the Middle East spending approximately $450 million plus of tax payer dollars in 45 minutes borrowed from Communist China to destroy Iranian funded military proxies without congressional approval.

The Military Industrial Complex (not forgetting the corrupt members of congress) called the MICC have forged an iron triangle of political contributions, political approvals for military spending and finally the ass kissing lobbyists who engage in ensuring the military contracts keep getting approved.

This entire network of money flowing from American tax payers gets diverted to corporations, private military contractors, the corrupt Pentagon, which is a government within itself, private individuals and the White House.

This would not be a problem if the weapons and military equipment purchased for self defense were stored and readied and updated and were used only in constitutionally congressional approved military operations. It would be fine if this technology was not sold to other countries.

Biden, Bush, Bush Jr, Clinton, Obama, Reagan, and other presidents have all engaged in some form of military action using the volunteer military force to satisfy a political need.

But with that said don’t forget the driving factor behind the relationship between the military and the defense contractors is that both sides benefit. The military get the weapons and the contractors get paid with our tax money.

The out of control deficit spending by the Uni-Party congress has inflicted massive inflationary pressures on the American people and the result is that the U.S. federal government is spending about $1 trillion annually on military-related purposes.

This includes the customary practice of over billing the Pentagon for toilet seats and hammers. (My opinion).

Unconstitutional wars and military interventions are keeping the Military Industrial Complex and their Congressional benefactors well funded.

Biden needs a distraction to focus attention away from his failed Marxist policies and to keep his Military Industrial Complex pals in business.

The military and the arms industry contribute huge sums of money to incumbent members of Congress and these members of congress respond in kind with votes that benefit the arms industry.

So Biden has commenced down an unconstitutional path of military action against nations that pose no tactical and or military threat to the United States if we followed the sound advice of our Founding Fathers and Trumps past high IQ response to the terrorist threats in the Middle East.

Elections have consequences and electing incompetent members of congress and Presidents also get our volunteer military force members killed.

Trump was the only president in U.S. history to not initiate an invasion of any sovereign country and he most certainly qualifies for a Nobel Peace Prize for his constitutional due diligence.

Let’s vote for Trump in November 2024 to restore global peace and security to the world and to drain the DC swamp of all the corrupt political Marxists infesting our republic.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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