Iranian official: Every Bullet, Rocket, UAV Fired Against Israel Anywhere are Made in Iran or the Product of Iranian Training

This is essentially an open admission of the obvious fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran is waging a proxy war against Israel by means of Hamas and the Houthis.

“Former Iranian Cultural Attaché To Lebanon Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar: Every Bullet, Rocket, UAV Fired Against Israel From Any Place Was Either Made In Iran Or Is The Product Of Iranian Training,” MEMRI, January 26, 2024:

Former Iranian cultural attaché to Lebanon Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar said on a January 26, 2024 show on Asharq News TV (Saudi Arabia) that all the bullets, rockets, and UAVs fired against Israel from anywhere, such as south Lebanon or Palestine, were “either made in Iran or the product of Iranian training.” He said that no one else gave a single bullet to the “Palestinian resistance movements.”

Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar:“All the bullets, all the rockets, and all the UAVs that are fired or launched against the Israeli entity anywhere – where in south Lebanon – in Palestine, or anywhere – are either made in Iran or the product of Iranian training. All the weapons. You cannot see anyone [else] in the world who gave a single bullet to the Palestinian resistance movements against the Israeli entity.


From where would the [Qods] Force come to confront the Zionist entity? Will Jordan allow this? Will Syria allow the Iranian fighters to pass through so they can fight in the occupied lands? What is the difference between fighters who have a different nationality, and who are supported by Iran in the confrontation, and sending [actual Iranian] fighters? Obviously, Iran did do this. Iran sent forces in the past to South Lebanon and to Syria. Today, if Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, or Lebanon allow for a direct Iranian military presence…I believe that as part of Iran’s plan, and in line with its strategic patience – which has not been properly understood so far – there will be a confrontation. In any case, the confrontation is ongoing. It is not limited to the borders of the Golan Heights, Jordan, Palestine, or Syria, and so on.”



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