UNRWA KIDS SCHOOL PLAY: Jews in cages, guns, knives, blood

Do you remember how, in first grade, your teachers organized a play at the end of the year to show off in front of mom and dad? Watch how UNRWA does it!

Well, if you went to a UNRWA school, you could have been a knife-welding maiden slitting throats of a soldier, or kidnap a Jew, stuff him into a cage and torture him.

UNRWA teaches impressionable kids to be “real men” and not waste time on Pinocchio or Peter Pan and hopefully, that child will become later on, a true Hamas fighter, and inshallah – a martyr enjoying paradise!

Watch this play at a Palestinian UNRWA school, supported by your American tax dollars.

EDITORS NOTE: This Newsrael column with video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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