HART: Dems Want To Make Everything Electric — Except The Border Fence

Joe Biden spent his first three years in office telling everyone that “our southern border is secure.” He would squint into the cameras, looking like that banjo player from “Deliverance,” and say that.

Yet we all knew he was not serious about it because he put Kamala Harris in charge. The only less genuine effort to defend the border would have been for him to put the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line down there for protection.

Biden is not doing this for any high-minded reasons. He wants Democrat votes. Dems have a realistic view of the old Biblical adage, that if you give a man a fish and he will eat for that day. But if you are always willing to give a man someone else’s fish, and he will vote for you forever. Or until he gets his own fish.

Dems feign a humane concern for foreigners. Illegals will be upset when we build the wall, but they will get over it.

Now, Joe is running for office and polls show that Americans are fed up with crime, fentanyl and costly illegals crossing the border unimpeded. In fact, Biden’s border agents are cutting barbed wire for them, then fist bumping illegals upon entry. It has become politically clear to them that their system of fighting immigration up till now, the honor system, is not working.

Joe says he needs an act of Congress to do something and delusionally blames Republicans. Never mind that Dems have had the House, Senate and White House for most of his term and they did nothing. And that he has enacted sixty executive orders that dismantled Trump’s near-closure of the border.

In an age-old Washington insider move, he has some weak nothing “border bill” that is only about two things: (1) getting more money to the infamously corrupt Ukraine ATM that Joe and Hunter have had access to for years, and (2) to make it look like there is a bi-partisan bill that Republicans won’t pass so he can disingenuously point the finger at and blame the GOP for the border issue.

Biden has had all the power he needed to start closing the border in Title 8, Section 12 of the U.S. code. It says the President can do just about anything he wants to protect our border if aliens are determined to be a problem. Anything. et now, he says he needs congressional action?

It is all so confusing. If they send two men caught at the border to a California courtroom, the judge is likely to just not understand what they are saying and gay marry them.

Most of these illegals say they are fleeing dysfunctional, socialist, one-party dictatorships that threaten those who question their authority. That is why they go from California to Florida, Tennessee, or Texas. California might want to build a fence just to keep their existing citizens there.

The sham bill does little but make the situation worse — and more permanent. It ties the hands of Trump if he is elected. It is a word salad of nothingness with terms like “unsupervised detention.” It is as confusing as Kamala Harris explaining gravity.

Illegals are dumping their IDs at the border. We need an ID to get into Costco, but not illegals. They make up names and fail to show up at their court date three years down the road. And if they did show up, how would a judge know if their tale of woe in their old country is true or not? It is a rubber stamp, even for the scant six percent who show up. It is a joke, and this bill enshrines that joke.

If you think unchecked immigration will not change a country, ask the Native Americans. If you want to get a hotdog and some apple pie, pretty soon you will have to go to the Ethnic Section of Wal-Mart.

Congress should not pass this bill. If Trump wins and the GOP takes back the Senate, there will be substantive border control. Trump will give you chaos, true change, peace, a growing economy, less inflation, lower taxes, and a secure border. But for those of us who write satire, Biden gives us material. So I am good either way.



Ron Hart is a libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at Ron@RonaldHart.com or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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