The Trans-Dialectic and the Perpetual Communist Revolution

First, the newest example of how the communist revolution steamrolls over whoever cannot keep up.

From the Daily Mail: LGBT hook-up app Grindr is accused of discriminating against GAYS by Stonewall riots hero: Will let users search specifically for transgender men or women – but not biological males because that’s ‘transphobic’

Gay hook-up app Grindr has been blasted by a Stonewall rioter for not letting users search specifically for biological men and claiming that doing so is transphobic.

But Grindr, which is largely used by gay men, does let users search specifically for transgender users, claiming that it is ‘critical for this community to be able to find each other easily.’ 

The policy has angered veteran gay rights activist Fred Sargeant, who rioted at Stonewall in 1969 and others who say it’s hypocritical. 

The app, which is run by George Arison, a conservative gay man, claims that allowing users to filter out transgender users would ‘further perpetuate discrimination and harm for the trans and non binary community.’

“A conservative Gay man”. Ok then.

Remember J K Rowling? She was a feminist. But then the revolution ran her over as well. She didn’t think that men pretending to be women, and competing against women in areas where men had a clear, objective biological advantage was good for women. So the revolution destroyed her as best they could since it isn’t technically a crime yet to object to revolutionary values as it is in the UK for example.

By this point, everyone has noticed that things in all categories have moved farther and farther to the left. The pendulum theory tends to satisfy most people. That some magic fulcrum exists which over corrects for bad things leading to bad things on the other side of the scale. It doesn’t. All systems, both classic governmental ones and social/cultural ones are tuned to moving things ever leftwards, meaning more state control and less individual rights.

Here are just a few examples of how this works.

Gay marriage was never meant to give rights to homosexuals to live as they pleased. They already could. And a civil union would have allowed homosexuals to enjoy the same assumed rights, like hospital visits and next of kin, as would marriage.

In a conversation with a veteran MSM reporter the other day, his complaint was that the right didn’t want to allow a civil union, and the left wasn’t satisfied with anything other than redefining marriage to include 2 people of the same sex. He explained patiently to me, that this is why we are so far to the left. The intractability of both sides.

He was half right. The left wouldn’t accept anything other then the total deconstruction of the nature of marriage itself. It was, yes, a dialectic attack on a core institution of Western Civilization. To render it meaningless by redefining it to include something totally unrelated to a commitment to stay together through adversity, ideally for the sake of a potential family. And between the two components actually required in order to create a baby, and which through 99.9% history was the consequence of sexual desire between two opposite sex people, and for 99.9% of all the species on earth above a plant, and including most plants. (Aphids clone themselves. This may be the ultimate expression of what communists want for us. Brave New World etc.)

Gay marriage a dialectic tool to destroy marriage

The point is, that this journalist, who had observed decades of concessions to communist deconstruction of components of our civilization, could only see it from the points of view presented on each issue. He was therefore unable to see the inevitable outcome of this strategy. Which is that everything will be moved to the left as people argue the issues as presented, and thereby make concessions where none needed to be granted. The article at the top of this post is not the end point. It is just where we are now. Gay people, who had benefitted for a while from the communist use of both perceived and real discrimination against people who are homosexual, are now not even able to select what they are attracted to.

This is in part why this author committed to abandoning making jokes of logical extremes over 10 years ago. In this case, going back 20 years, the joke might have been, ‘next thing you know, you will be called a racist for preferring opposite sex partners.

In fact there is a meme going around that still sort of works. I think the punch line was, “I’m leaving before they make it mandatory”.

If one person says that 2+2=4 and 100 people say that 2+2=25, the truth remains that 2+2=4. But in the revolutionary logic, incremental concessions are made until it equals whatever the state wants it to equal at any given time. And now you know why math is racist. Math you see, is a process created by ancient Greek thought, but also Indian and Persian, which perpetuates Western Civilization, and as WC (Western Civilization) is inherently racist, they would argue, and so math is also racist for supporting WC. So the answer has to be made malleable.

The Grindr story we feel is an important one at the strategic level, as it is such an excellent example of what is actually being done to us, rather than what people think is being done to us from surface conversations about changes in WC.

For another example, abortion as in Canada being available till the last second before birth, and MAiD being offered to young healthy people who have a temporary and sometimes common issue that can lead to suicidal ideation, (being dumped by a love interest for example) has arguments on both sides that can be made to seem very reasonable, and for which, at least for a while, a compromise can be reached. But if you consider that Abortion in an age of easy and free birth control and MAiD was already in practice except quietly for those already at death’s door with no hope, one might look at the strategic. The dialectical arguments lead to compromise. But the purpose is the destruction of the Judeo-Christian belief in the sanctity of life. That is must hold value. The ultimate value. And must be preserved.

MC at the Trans-pride event explains the three groups “that are the problem”

This post gives the following video a practical application in terms of the creation of ‘trans’ as a communist dialectic attack.

An explanation of how the trans-issue is a Marxist dialectic attack

The dialectic of the destruction of male and females as a biological reality and as archetypes, become wrecking balls for all orders. Especially ones concerning sex, and sexual preferences.

Stephen Coughlin is fond of quoting a Rabbi he works with: “It’s time to stop seeing what you know, and start knowing what you see”.

It’s time to stop arguing the sides handed to you by the enemy and start considering what happens when you abandon truth as the only metric that matters for determining your society’s rules.

No matter how many people insist 2+2= 5, it’s still 4.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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