Communist Venezuela is using Biden Dollars to Threaten Guyana!

The weak spineless installed Biden administration entered the White House via a fraudulent election in 2020.

This illegitimate government has significantly weakened global security especially with our conservative friends in South America (excluding Communist Venezuela and Nicaragua).

The Biden Administration abandoned the strong Trump economic sanctions put on Communist Venezuela giving the dictator and installed President Nicolas Maduro millions and millions of dollars in U.S. dollars.

This influx of cash is allowing the Communist dictator to purchase weapons and military equipment from Russia, Communist China and Iran and is using it to threaten its peaceful neighbors.

The installed Biden Marxist Administration is also deporting legitimate conservative asylum seeking Venezuelans from the United States back to Venezuela whereupon they are arrested and jailed by the Maduro paramilitaries.

Our weak useless UniParty congress still have not classified these people as political prisoners of Venezuela.

All political opponents of the communist dictator Maduro within Venezuela are also being arrested and jailed and or banned from running in this year’s presidential election.

With Biden’s US dollars filling the communist banks of the country’s dictator, Venezuela’s neighbor Guyana is now watching the Venezuelan military building up on its border.

Communist Venezuela continues its threatening behavior to annex part of Guyana and the Communists are moving the Venezuelan military to presumably take control of all access points to Guyana’s oil.

Maduro has ordered light tanks, missile-equipped patrol boats and armored carriers to be relocated to the border of Guyana funded by U.S. cash released into Communist Venezuela by the Biden Administration.

The Communist Venezuelan government has an army of 150,000 plus active soldiers and has weapons provided by the Russian Federation. Peaceful Guyana has defensive posture of only 3,000 service members.

The weak Defense Department led by a woke Marxist racist and a woke liberal representative from the White House have visited Guyana’s capital, Georgetown to discuss bolstering military cooperation.

President Ali said his government would soon purchase American helicopters, drones and other defense equipment. This keeps Biden’s military industrial complex in the market for a possible war in South America.

None of this destabilizing political turbulence would have occurred under a Trump administration who had boxed in the Communist dictator Maduro in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Brazil has also relocated military equipment and personnel close to its frontier with Guyana to block Venezuelan military egress and entry points.

The shipping-industry risk assessors at Lloyd’s Market Association in London have designated Guyana as a global area affected by war, piracy and terrorism.

The significantly raises insurance costs for shipping companies and puts Guyanese waters on the same high risk level as the Red Sea, where Iran-funded Houthi terrorists have attacked international shipping.

Biden’s foreign policy and his friendly irrational negotiations with the Communist dictatorship of Venezuela has set the stage for a military conflict in South America.

Let’s hope nothing happens and we get Trump back in the White House sooner rather than later.

2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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