Ukraine & Russia were close to a Peace Agreement — DEMOCRATS & NATO told Ukraine NOT to sign it!

Yes. The United States government and NATO sent Boris Johnson to dissuade Zelensky from to signing it!

The war in Ukraine would have ended in April of 2022 as Russia and Ukraine had agreed to a tentative peace plan.

Then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson happened.

Boris Johnson landed in Ukraine unannounced, catching even the Ukrainian regime by surprise.

Startling details of the intent of Boris Johnson’s sudden visit to Ukraine are now beginning to come out.

It turns out, the then British prime minister, at the behest of the ‘West’, scuttled any chances of Ukraine and Russia settling for peace.

WATCH: The UK May Have Stopped Peace Between Russia and Ukraine.

Four references are below to show the reliability of the following message showing that Ukraine and Russia were very close to a peace agreement but Biden and Democrats told Ukraine NOT to sign it. Please forward this to the “blind” people.

-Two top reliable Israelis show in the following interviews that Ukraine and Russia were very close to a peace agreement but Biden and Democrats told Ukraine NOT to sign it (in 2022): —The Israeli history expert, Avigdor Eskin, says in the minute 14:30 to 18:30:

Video in Hebrew as a reference:

Biden and the Democrats prevented a ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine in order to weaken the Russians in the battle – the agreement went through 17 versions in rapid negotiations mediated by Israeli PM Bennett but the Americans prevented Zelensky of signing the agreement – which caused the killing of 150,000 Ukrainians (up to 2022) and the destruction of infrastructure on video interview at minute 14:30 on the link with Dr. Uri Milstein (top history investigator) as an interviewer, on video in Hebrew for reference only:

In another video interview- At minute 2:30:00, Israeli former PM, Bennett, talks about the mediation he did between Russia and Ukraine in the video (in Hebrew -for reference only:

Victor Davis Hanson (top military historian) was interviewed on the Epoch Times on 2-14-24 on the topic of: Trump would work with Russia to avoid the Ukraine war and keep them as friends to cooperate with them against the real Chinese threat, from minute 41:00 to the end (and on Obama lies, on minute 11:30 to 16:15 ) :

Victor Davis Hanson on Tucker’s Putin Interview, Wars Being Waged, and the Left’s New Strategy 

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Obama 3/Biden and their regime have blood on their hands by blocking a peace agreement. All corrupt Zelensky had to do was to agree not to join NATO and Russia would not have attacked. Democrats and neocon Republicans want war !


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