History’s Best-Selling Book Supports Trump As Next!

History’s greatest person who divided BC from AD said, when asked about the end of the world, to under-stand the book of Daniel. Daniel’s vision “at the time of the end” was a conflict between political cartoons of a ram pushing from the Middle East that angers a goat that flies from the west to stomp a militant Muslim ram in Daniel 8. The horns represent the kings of Media and Persia (verse 20), areas that are now Iraq and Iran—it’s easy to understand whose interest in retirement is current events, Bible prophecy.

He cites Isaiah 46 to say that God “declares the end from the beginning.” In the book of beginnings, Abraham was tested over his willingness to sacrifice his son that was spared at the last minute by a ram caught by its horn in a bush in Genesis 22. George Bush caught the first horn and Saddam is dead.

Muslims say the son spared was Ishmael and they are entitled to the land occupied by Israel. The Bible says Isaac, the father of Israel, was spared.  What’s happening in the Middle East is support for the Bible as the true holy book. “The time of the end” is when the ram’s higher horn gets broken. Iran has been funding the war against Israel, also supported by  Zechariah 14.

Returning to Daniel 8, the goat’s great horn is the first king of Grecia, verse 21. It was Alexander the Great who conquered the Medes and Persians, but “history repeats” for “the time of the end,” verse 17. The US has a Greek educational system that emphasizes the mind and plays down the practical aspects like learning a trade or physical work and college fraternities and sororities are designated by Greek letters.

Daniel 8 shows a great horn on the goat that breaks the ram’s horns and the goat becomes great in verse 8.

In Bible times, horns were used to make trumpets, and the great horn may prove to be the great Trump who makes America great before the great horn is broken.

Alexander died a premature death and Trump could die prematurely as forces favoring New World Order  would be glad to see him dead. Biden “hopes to imprison his rival until he dies.”

By contrast, Trump says, “I don’t care about revenge. My revenge will be success.”

People like leaders who have positive attitudes, but Trump may be assassinated for his success in making America great by the “Deep State” that is pushing U.S. toward a UN New World Order. That’s the pope’s road to world supremacy and the way to regain what was lost in the Old World when Protestants fled persecution and risked death at sea, from Indians or starvation in a brave new world but they forged a Constitution that was the basis of greatness.

The goat horn as Trump might be stretching the imagery, but since the first ram horn was caught in a bush (George Bush), we could logically conclude the 2nd horn (Iran) will be broken by the great horn (Trump).

Scripture says he is the 1st King of Grecia. Kings are not elected. They just take the power and many if not most of the US think Trump has it coming. Perhaps the devil has tried hard to derail this picture, but may God bless America one more time before he goes.

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