VIDEO: Two out of Three Americans Gone in 2025!

Donald J. Trump is a New Yorker from the Borough of Queens. Boroughs are their own governmental districts in New York City since 1898; they collectively make up the New York City government. There are Americans who find Trump from Queens brash, a strong personality, not predictable though predictable and consistent in his beliefs to Make America Great Again! His statement is more than a mere catchy political marketing slogan, it is a core belief of Donald Trump. Briefly read what President Trump accomplished in four short years and given the myriad attacks he withstood.

North Korea was quiet and respectful, and President Trump even made the journey to be the first U.S. President to step foot into North Korea. Russia and China were not threatening nor aggressive, even respectful of America. The Middle East was uneventful and willing to work with America as an ally. Iran was most cautious and non-threatening. America again brought order to the world communities. We also brought economic stability, and even success; created responsibility to nations historically living off of American resources without carrying their own responsibility, and here at home, pride and historic American values were once again not timid but shown front and center for all to gladly salute and celebrate.

Yes…the globalists and their Uni-Party acolytes fear Trump and are moving at all deliberate speed to collapse America. What is transpiring at our once defined southern Border is an example of this well-designed collapse now underway. The video below shows a most disturbing representation of the invasion launched to alter and forever change the United States into something our founders never, ever would accept nor should we. The video shows “The Hegellian Dialectic” in action. The Hegellian Dialectic is a produced problem that deliberately invokes contradictions between opposing sides; for instance, good trying to help much needy individuals versus the plan to overwhelm and collapse America with terrorists, gangsters, terribly needy and those who instinctively know how to steal and rob as their jobs.

Yes…the globalists and their Una-party acolytes fear Trump returning to the White House. (For the record, I disagree with the comment made about Trump near the conclusion of the video).

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