Who Would You Rather Have As The Republican Senate Minority Leader?

Senator John Cornyn is a former Texas Supreme Court judge and state attorney general.  He has been a close ally of Mitch McConnell.  Even with good credentials and a good background, he is mostly referred to in Texas as a RINO or an establishment Republican who needs to be removed from office.

Cornyn’s announcement to run for the leadership of the U.S. Senate, following Mitch McConnell’s decision to step down, is news, especially in Texas.  The spin is that as the first senator to declare his intention to run for Senate Republican leader, Cornyn’s candidacy is notable for his “experience and leadership background” and “how his aim is to restore the Senate to its essential role in the constitutional republic” and a lot more about his “electoral strategy and external support.”

However, as of today, Cornyn is unsuitable for leadership for two main reasons.  For one, he did not back Attorney General Ken Paxton during his impeachment by the Texas state House.  He is also anti-Trump and anti-gun, as A.G. Paxton has already pointed out.

It is worth noting that after the fake impeachment by the “Deep State” Republicans in the Texas House (known as the UniParty) and his final acquittal in the state Senate, Paxton has become an icon, the only man left blocking Biden and his cronies from making Texas as blue and lawless as California.  His popularity has soared.

Cornyn played a significant role in negotiating the first major anti-gun bill in decades following the Robb Elementary shooting in Uvalde.  The Second Amendment is clear.  Anyone going against the spirit of the Second Amendment doesn’t have the commitment to understanding its historical context and purpose.

Cornyn has also been involved in efforts to support the migrant influx at the U.S.-Mexico border, and he has introduced bills aimed at making this influx easy, including measures to rapidly process migrant invasion and speed up the processing of asylum-seekers.  His approach has exposed him, and it reeks of an agenda-driven policy detrimental to the well-being of the state of Texas.  For one, rapidly processing illegal aliens raises concerns about sacrificing thorough vetting procedures, potentially undermining national security, and also resulting in overlooking legitimate asylum claims.

Cornyn’s current abilities as a leader are under a cloud, as it is clear that his involvement in supporting measures to ease the illegal alien flood is driven more by political expediency and the New World Order (NWO) agenda.

On the other hand, we have Senator Ted Cruz.  Cruz has consistently advocated against gun regulation, arguing that such policies are ineffective and do not prevent crime. This stance reflects a commitment to uphold the Second Amendment and the belief that the focus should be on enhancing law enforcement and security measures rather than on restricting gun ownership.  For those who prioritize individual rights and the belief in the efficacy of law enforcement over gun control, Cruz’s position is to be seen as more aligned with their values.

In fact, Cruz was chiefly instrumental in introducing a rival bill that would increase school security funding, showcasing his willingness to propose alternative solutions to the issue of gun violence.  This action exemplifies Cruz’s abilities as a leader, as he offers a comprehensive approach to safety beyond just gun control, which is more in keeping with broader strategies to prevent violence.  “Cruz says $8B in economic aid to Ukraine is ‘crap’: “A lot of that is almost certain to go to waste.”

Moreover, Ted Cruz’s support for Paxton during the impeachment effort highlights his commitment to the principles of due process and conservative governance.  Cruz openly supports Paxton for his efforts to combat the abuses of the Biden administration, emphasizing his effectiveness in battling these issues.

In short, Texas has two Republican senators.  One is pro-Texas, and one is in tune with the Washington “Deep State.”  Cornyn’s overall approval rating hovers around 24 percent, a dramatic reversal from previous years, when a majority of Texans were not even aware of Cornyn’s daily activities.

Cruz emerges as a more suitable choice for Texas and the nation as a whole.  Cornyn’s past actions, including his stance on key issues such as gun confiscation and illegal immigration, raise concerns about his commitment to upholding fundamental principles and addressing complex challenges effectively.  In contrast, Cruz has consistently advocated for preserving individual rights, upholding due process, and comprehensive solutions to issues like gun violence.  His support for Ken Paxton during the impeachment effort demonstrates a commitment to conservative governance and principles.

Moreover, Cruz’s approach resonates with a broader base of Texans, as evidenced by his higher approval ratings and continued support.  In a political landscape where leadership and integrity are paramount, Ted Cruz stands out over John Cornyn for representing the values and interests of Texas.

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