Protect Your Privacy — Delete Your Facebook Account

The greatest move I ever made to not only protect my privacy and reduce the unnecessary drama in my life was the day I deleted my Communist controlled Facebook, a.k.a. Meta, account.

It was also not a surprise to me that my former Facebook account was suspended for 30 days in 2019 when I posted conservative content during my 2019/2020 County Commissioner Political run in Santa Rosa County Florida.

Facebook hired dozens of former CIA agents formerly employed as spies by the Obama administration primarily to work in the fields of security or content moderation.

The Biden administration also work closely with Facebook to gather and store information on political opponents for future weaponized prosecutions.

To define content moderation we conservatives like to say “Marxist censors” who shadow block and or outright censor conservative posts in Facebook.

I experienced this first hand with the massive election interference inflicted on my conservative political campaign by the Obama CIA trained Facebook employees.

I’m not blaming Facebook for not winning the election in 2020 but they certainly inflicted significant election interference on my campaign.

I cancelled my Twitter Account in 2018 for the same reasons but now I’m reconsidering returning now Elon Musk has control of the company he renamed “X”.

My decision will rest on whether he relocates his “X” company headquarters from Communist controlled San Francisco to let’s say Florida, Texas or Nevada.

Google also read all my Emails and all yours too if it’s a g-mail account. They use the excuse they are studying your email content so they can direct relevant commercial advertising to your inbox.

Your I phone/Android cell phone is also nothing more than a government tracking device and listening post which is why the government dismantled analog devices nationally which was harder to track.

The US government can now shut down the entire cell phone and internet network across the USA with one switch.

The Communist Chinese have infiltrated our republic including installing tracking devices in the cranes purchased by American companies for our ports. The installed Marxist dictator Joe Biden is owned by Beijing.

Iranians also easily hack into U.S. government computers gaining mountains of information on our do nothing Republican controlled congress and we Americans that keep electing these incompetent low IQ republican and democrat communists into office.

Politicians also state we are your leaders which is also Marxist propaganda. They are not our leaders they are our representatives. We are not a democracy we are a republic.

So not only are Americans being infiltrated by Communists and terror nations they are not protected from our own government because of the control that current and former officials have over this technology.

My advice is to delete your Facebook account, delete your Instagram account, delete your TikTok account and limit your email communications on Gmail google ran platforms.

My primary means of communication with my conservative high profile pals is by using writing paper an ink pen and a stamp. This includes Mar-A-Largo.

But don’t forget even the post office now photographs and scans your snail mail into a massive data base to track your mailings but not the content of your mail. Not yet anyway.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


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