Moscow jihad murderers screamed ‘Allahu akbar,’ death toll now 137, Russia says U.S. shared no ‘concrete information’

The rumors are flying on X: the Jews did it, the Americans did it, etc. It seems unlikely that any of that is true, however.

Why would the Americans, who support Ukraine, mount an attack that Russia is almost certain to accuse the Ukrainians of masterminding or aiding? This attack is likely only to intensify Russia’s war against Ukraine, and the U.S. supports Ukraine, so as evil and feckless as the Biden regime is, it seems unlikely that it is behind it.

As for the Israelis, the rumor mongers’ reasoning is that this will enable people to see that jihadis really are evil. That also, however, is unlikely. Neither Israel nor the U.S. acknowledges the reality of Islamic jihad. Few see the Israeli/”Palestinian” conflict as a jihad, although that is what it is. And so few are likely to see any connection between this attack and Hamas’ jihad against Israel.

Moscow terror attack: 4 gunmen arrested, death toll rises to 137

by Patrick Reevell and Tanya Stukalova, ABC News, March 24, 2024:

The death toll in the terror attack at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall has risen to 137 people, including three children, Russia’s Investigative Committee said Sunday, as the search operation continues for bodies under the rubble.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was informed Saturday that four suspected gunmen responsible for the attack were arrested near Russia’s western border with Ukraine, Russian news agencies reported.

Seven others have been detained and the search for other accomplices is ongoing, the state news outlets reported.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly attack Friday night, in which gunmen opened fire on concertgoers at one of Moscow’s largest entertainment complexes. The attackers then set the complex on fire….

The death toll as a result of the terrorist attack has increased to 137, Russian investigators said Sunday, adding that three of the victims are children….

Investigators said more than 500 rounds of ammunition and 28 magazines, as well as two Kalashnikov assault rifles, were found at the scene….

“The terrorists also used flammable liquid to set fire to the premises of the concert hall, where there were spectators, including the wounded,” the statement said….

Putin did not acknowledge the ISIS claim for the attack, saying Russia was still investigating. But he sought to suggest that Ukraine could bear some responsibility, saying the suspected attackers had been detained while trying to cross the border to Ukraine and claiming they may have received some help from there.

“According to the preliminary data, they had a crossing of the border prepared from the Ukrainian side,” Putin said.

Ukrainian officials vehemently denied any involvement and warned that the Kremlin would try to exploit the attack by falsely blaming Ukraine to drum up greater support for its war….

The U.S. said it shared intelligence with Russia that warned that ISIS was preparing similar attacks on concerts in Moscow just two weeks ago. A U.S. State Department official said Saturday that the U.S. government had shared information on a possible attack with Russian authorities in accordance with its longstanding “duty to warn” policy….

Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said the U.S. didn’t pass along any “concrete information” prior to the attack….

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