IDF Releases Footage Of Fatal Drone Strike Of Senior Hezbollah Official Amid Deadly Day For Terror Organization

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage of a drone strike that killed a senior Hezbollah official Friday in southern Lebanon.

The IDF named the man they killed as Ali Naim who was “the deputy commander of Hezbollah’s rocket unit,” according to Emanuel Fabian, a Times of Israel military correspondent.

The IDF claimed Naim was “considered to be a significant source of knowledge in the terror group, and leader in the field of rockets” and “one of the leaders for heavy-warhead rocket fire and responsible for conducting and planning attacks against Israeli civilians,” according to Fabian’s tweet. The tweet noted that Hezbollah acknowledged that Naim was killed but did not refer to his rank in their declaration.

The footage released by the IDF showed a car suddenly bursting into flames and debris being scattered from the impact site.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese-based terrorist organization, acknowledged that they had suffered six other losses in the course of “the last 12 hours,” according to Joe Truzman, a Foundation for Defense of Democracies senior analyst.

The tweet incorporated the images of the Hezbollah officials who were killed. Overall, Hezbollah has suffered around 270 dead by Israeli strikes, according to Deutsche Welle, since the terror organization opened fire on Israel on Oct. 8 out of solidarity with Hamas. The Israelis have suffered about a dozen military losses and a half dozen civilian deaths from Hezbollah’s attacks, the outlet noted.




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