To Control or not to be Controlled, that is the Question

This past week my husband and I were in the car going food shopping. His phone was on the console. It was lunch time and he said we haven’t had pizza in a while, what do you say we stop for pizza? Before I could answer, his phone answered and started telling us all the different varieties of pizza and the closest places. I shut the phone off. I don’t know about you but I don’t want some device telling me what to do. Who is listening, nudging, guiding and controlling our thoughts, our actions?  Is that what they mean by AI? Is that our New World Order? Control by a device? Is that where we are headed? or are we already there and we don’t know it? Humanity controlled by technology. Aside from taking away my free thought, Who is doing the programming?  Is is someone from Orwell’s Ministry of Love? Is that is what your children learn in school. Don’t think, just press a button.

Aside from not learning to read and write, students no longer learn the scientific method which supports critical thinking, logic, reasoning and consequences. Students are trained to think as they are told while professors are paid to use computer programs to get the outcome desired for the grant that is funding their career. Deviate and say good bye to your career.

How do you get a consensus in science? Design a a grant to meet your agenda and pay the scientists to prove your desire outcome. Is this the “new” sustainable settled science? A science that no longer allows for multiple questions, multiple methods and multiple results. The whole purpose of science is to question for without questions, there is no learning, no growth.  No growth is the desired results, Sustainability means: NO GROWTH.  The Globalist Utopia is: Everyone thinking the same. Everyone acting the same. Everyone having the same. Everyone eating the same in a world of limited population, resources and power. Except of course the leaders.

Man Made Climate Change is a perfect example.  Every time I debate Man Made Climate Change I wind up in the same place with no answers because I question outside the sound bite.  Let’s face it, the people trying to manage the decline of America are evil and practicing some form of communism. We all must believe the same or we are outcasts.  So if you want to see their limited knowledge and stump the globalists, I suggest you ask a few simple questions:

QUESITON: What part of the atmosphere is CO2?

ANSWER: .035-.04%

QUESTION: What would happen if you get to Net Zero CO2?

ANSWER: All living things will die

QUESTION: Is CO2 the result or cause of warming?

ANSWER: The result. You can’t be a cause and result at the same time.

Look at their charts and graphs. Most only go back 140 years. If they tell you , now is the coldest /warmest on record, ask how old is the record?  Make them go back to the climate of 1920-30. Less people, less industry but yet it was much colder or warmer.  The driver of our climate is the SUN along with other variables like, water vapor, clouds, gravity, mostly from mother nature. Way down on the bottom of the heap is man. So why is climate blamed on us, CONTROL.  If they can scare you they can control you. Learn and spread the truth, hold your head high.

Don’t take anything they say at face value. Remember most of what they say are words created by computer models. Computer models are only as good as their creator/programmer. Their creators are affirmative action graduates easily fooled or bribed. This is a excellent must see movie. Get out to popcorn and note pad.

Great important worthwhile movie CLIMATE THE MOVIE: The Cold Truth.

By sending your children to the public indoctrination clinic theyy become Affirmative Action Graduates.  They learn Diversity, Inclusion, Equity or as I call it Discrimination, Inequality, Exclusion.  By changing the order of the words, you find their true goal DIE.  Remember to them the earth is overpopulated so best thing is for you to do is to DIE. While they tell us that their goals are reducing poverty, world hunger and disease most of their programs aim for death hence DIE:  abortion, drugs, restricting farming, limiting mobility, vaccines, crime. By restricting excellence, innovation, creation and invention and promoting, entertainment and other favored controlled behaviors people begin to believe that life is meaningless and suicide is the answer.   When race becomes the dominant feature for hiring and merit takes a back seat, products and programs are doomed to fail. We now have a manage decline of America where freedom and liberty will be replaced by a CCP form of government controlling every aspect of our lives.    Today’s guest Physicist John Droz Jr explains the damage done to our students by an inferior education.

Look at all of the crises America has suffered under this administration filled with incompetent Affirmative Action Graduates.  The most recent of course is the Francis Scott Key bridge failure. Shipping giant Maersk confirmed that the Dali ship, operated and managed by Synergy Marine Group, collided with the Francis Scott Key bridge in Maryland around 1:27 AM. Synergy Marine Group promotes DEI in their company. Did DIE play a role? We may never know. What we do know is Congress allocated $1.2 trillion for a Bipartisan Infrastructure Build Back Better scheme that Mayor Pete is using to “fix racism on highways.”

After further investigation Ricki, today’s guest discovered: The Ship was owned by the Chinese, and registered in Singapore & operated under the Singapore flag. The CEO of the Chinese Merchant Shipping company that owned the ship was Angela Chao, the sister of Sen. Pedo Mitch McConnell’s wife-Elain Chao & daughter of the Chinese Billionaire & top Chinese CCP Politburo Member that ran China’s merchant shipping. He, their daddy, is dead, and Angela Chao was handed down the merchant shipping company. She, Angela Chao, was killed several weeks ago… Is this a psyops attack? Will we ever know?

Power on ship was lost just prior to reaching bridge & after Harbor Pilot Tugboats pulled away from the ship.  This was a major failure of Harbor Pilot Tugboats to not escort the ship thru the channel completely. Their job was to escort the ship under the bridge & out into open sea at 1:48.  This is standard protocol which was not followed.

In Ricki’s opinion, there are 2 possibilities China or the USA Deep State. Is it part of the USA Deep State on behalf of the Globalists to continue the destruction of our country? China controls the West Coast ports because of Pelosi, Newsome, Feinstein,  Waters, Governors of Washington & Oregon too.  Why would OBiden say that America, not the shipping company will pay for the reconstruction of the bridge?  Once you destroy a countries ports & take control of them, you control their commerce & infrastructure. You control everything coming in & going out.. “We The People Shall Speak”- Ricki is a 9/11 Survivor who has done numerous investigations into the Deep State.

Nationalists will dream of their future, their life and set a plan to achieve that dream. Globalists will have a visions of life and demand you fit into their vision without deviation. If you disagree squash you.

All Globalists want is Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.  Share with your 5.   So join me today.

Join the Florida Citizens Alliance  Help save America mentor a child.

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