Fraud Coming to Flower — The Roots of the Deep State

America has been talking about the Deep State for decades. But nobody drew attention and indicated the main points: who did create it, when and how? I am a former Soviet defense attorney, and I think I can answer those questions. Maybe it sounds strange, but the idea of the Deep State was born in Soviet Russia, a hundred years ago. Socialist Revolution 1917 in Russia had a definite agenda—destruction of capitalism and buildup of Soviet Socialism. That task has never changed. On the contrary, the idea was developed by Joseph Stalin, a Russian Communist Dictator, refined by the KGB’s Chairman Andropov, and delivered to Vladimir Putin at the end of the 20ht century.

Of course, TikTok is a definite threat to America’s national security in the 21st century, the same way the Stalin/Andropov design has been destroying the US in the 20th century, infiltrating our democratic institutions: business, court, government infrastructure, and …the Democrat party. The idea of the Deep State has become a reality under Bill Clinton, the first Manchurian President, who established control and power of the infiltrated Democrat party—the base of the Deep State. Barack Obama has inherited it creating a hegemony of the Party, by his Cult of Personality. A senile Biden managed by Russia’s Intel just continued all of that. The collusion with Russia’s Intel has never stopped for any of them. This is the exact reason I have been warning you, writing about the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer for the last forty-three years.

I know Soviet Socialism and constantly have been sharing knowledge with you—it is again Russia… Terrorizing political opponents is the KGB Mafia/Army actual activities, I’ve warned you for the last several decades. The Democrat’s leadership has conspired with weaponized law-enforcement and DOJ to entrap Trump and the White House was totally informed about it. All channels discussed the event, yet nobody presents it as international precedent, like I did. I don’t trust Biden’s theatrical performances, reading on prompter what has been written by his staff. The policy of open borders intertwined with Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer that executed invasion to America from 120-160 countries. The surging crime on the streets has started by Democrats states decade ago and continues. Read my column about Russian Socialist Revolution 1917 and you will be struck by the resemblances of the events in two revolutions.

Yes, we are witnessing A Global Spy Ring run by Vladimir Putin, described in my column under that title. A member of a legal community at the time of the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov 1967-1982, I’ve learned from him a lot about the KGB in Russia. Responsible for designing a protocol of America’s infiltration, Andropov spaced it as a simultaneous intrusion of the American Security Apparatus and media. It was shocking to watch America in the last thirty years and see that all. You can read the details in my columns and books. We still don’t know Russia and her Intel waging WWIII against the American republic. Remember my definition of WWIII: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations. Putin is the next generation of Stalin/Andropov’s devoted disciples, Trump is an existential threat to him and Biden. Seven years of Hoaxes aimed at Trump were Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army production. I recognized it instantly by the familiar handwriting of corruption, fabrication, provocation, deceit, and fraud.

As a matter of fact, Biden’s White House created authoritarian paradigms in America. Glenn Beck is right “the Democrat Party is historically un-democratic and now they find a new way to do that ” June 2, 22. I would add “the Democrat Party is a Party of Socialist Charlatans.” I have been writing about that new Socialist way for over thirty years. Interview with the Democrat Sen. Mark Warner in Cavuto on August 6, 2022 illustrates the inability of the Republicans to rebuttal the Socialist Charlatans—Con men, thuds. I purposely introduced the term. Some Republicans don’t know the Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud. They also can’t perceive the fact that the KGB mafia/Army—the Evil Doer– was turning the Democrat Party to Socialist Party. The collaboration was going on for decades under the nose of incompetent leadership of the CIA and FBI. The result you see in the states run by the Democrats today–total destruction. To understand what is going on in America, read my column:“ The Truth: Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America.” August 11/2022

Pay attention to Biden and his White House team. Something strange is happening in the American Kingdom—it self-divides itself. The executive branch battles the US Supreme Court, while Fentanyl is killing thousands of our citizens.  It is even worse: Stalin’s aggressive Putin’s twins-brothers, Chairman Xi and the “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella are attacking Western civilization with impunity. The Republicans don’t know the major Russian agency that manages A Global Spy Ring—The KGB Mafia/Army. Read my column under that title. Without this knowledge the Republicans are unable to evaluate the impacts of the international events and can lose the presidency in the 2024 election…  We are at WWIII.

The recent terror act in Moscow is the boomerang of Stalinism and we desperately need the knowledge of Russia today. Historian Devid Satter comments are said it all:

“Regarding the terrorist attack in Moscow: the FSB (a former KGB) and the Putin regime are perfectly capable of blowing up their own people for political reasons. In this case, however, it appears we are dealing with an attack by ISIS.” David Satter, journalist and historian.

I couldn’t say it better, but David didn’t read my books or columns and he didn’t know that ISIS was a Russian creation, managed by the KGB in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Syria in the 20th century. Stalin has married Soviet Socialism with Islam, creating Jihadists and we are now experiencing his legacy. Please, read my columns describing in detail Russian infiltration into Muslims regimes through the Soviet Muslim Republics neighboring the Middle East and the rise of global anti-Semitism. The Soviets/Russians have followed Stalin’s design to manage the Middle East through Iran. You can see it today…  and this friendship with Islam is one of the factors for raising global anti-Semitism, let alone the anti-Semitic nature of Stalin’s Russia. Watch how Biden betrays our close-loyal friend Israel due to the Putin/Biden collusion: Hamas-Israel War has revealed it, whatever lies and fraud the Biden team throw on you…

There is another knowledgeable man, Gen. Jack Kean. He is also right about Russia and Putin, explaining how Putin intends to build the Great Russian Empire and destroy NATO. Gen. Kean also didn’t read my columns and was unaware of Putin’s ability to break NATO through Turkey, a member of NATO. A long ago, Putin and his KGB helped Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to gain Turkish Presidency. For me, Erdoğan is a typical Socialist Charlatan, implementing in Turkey Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. Analyzing his presidency, you will recognize him as Stalin’s devoted disciple and therefore–Socialist Charlatan…

America’s pundits use several terms to identify the Dem’s forces: the Leftists, the Radical Left, and a Progressive Left–a very shallow meaning of the enemy. In the era of the ideology and Woke-fraud, the definition should be more concrete. To show the proliferation of fraud, I offered a term Socialist Charlatans—Con men, thugs, 20-25 years ago to emphasize the double fraud they are implementing globally. Both words carry “the odor of mendacity” in politics. Stalin’s Soviet Socialism is a fraud and Charlatans are the word describing different kinds of human treachery and dishonesty. There are thousands of Socialist Charlatans if not millions in America—a bastion of the Deep State. The network has no specific nationality, race, or ethnicity, it is a political entity run by Vladimir Putin, who called himself a Globalist to confuse you. Let me give you different kinds of Socialist Charlatans with the same agenda: destruction of capitalism and implementation of Soviet Socialism globally.

The FBI Director Mr. Wray warned us:“ China is targeting our critical infrastructure.” Probably he is right. But there was not a word about Russian/Chinese Intel, which is an unseparated bastion of Socialist Charlatans. I don’t trust the FBI, they failed miserably by not identifying the real culprit orchestrated and supervised the attacks on 9/11. Both the Committee on 9/11 and the FBI missed the real predator of the events—the Russian Counterintelligence. There are two facts confirming that. First, America still doesn’t know the truth, because the FBI had prevented America from learning the truth by reading my columns and books. Second, the FBI deliberately submitted my name to the FISA Court and the Court made me a Foreign Agent with subsequent banning of my writings in 2002. Check this fact in Fact-Check. The FBI failure has even more dangerous consequences facing American people.

The FBI Director Mr. Wray warned us:“ China is targeting our critical infrastructure,” never mentioning Russia, because he doesn’t know Russia. By knowing Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism, I expect catastrophic events of sabotage against our infrastructure waged by Socialist Charlatans as well. America is not prepared for those attacks due to the miserable failure of the FBI… WWIII is a reality. It is a multi-faceted war with no berries, targeting our national security, economy and the wellbeing of the American people. The Republicans have no elementary knowledge of the Israel-Hamas War: all Middle East Muslims’ criminal gangs like Hamas and Hezbollah managed and supervised by Putin’s Evil Doer. Biden’s team waged this war in collusion with Vladimir Putin by shameful surrender of Afghanistan in August 2021—a sabotage of our national security. Read my column: A Quick Crash of Afghanistan and The Man Who Wants to Run the World August 24, 2021.

Then came Supply Change. I was very suspicious, but I had not enough knowledge to expose the sabotage. The derailment of the train in East Palestine, Ohio was clear to me. I saw it as a well calculated and coordinated act committed by Socialist Charlatans to inflict a lot of harm to the region. Now a current hit of the bridge, tragedy in Baltimore by the ship with 754T of hazardous material was definitely also a well-calculated and coordinated act committed by Socialist Charlatans inflicting monumental damage to the country’s economy. There had already been three bridges hit by the ships in 2024. There will be an investigation of the Baltimore bridge hit, but I don’t trust any investigation made by Biden’s team. Criminals shouldn’t investigate themselves like in Soviet Russia. The Republicans have a chance to investigate the Dems’ system of destruction beginning decades ago and expose their army of Socialist Charlatans…

The Army of Socialist Charlatans in America

I have been following Bill Clinton since my immigration in 1981. As I stated above, he was the first Manchurian President, known to me. Clinton’s Mafia had been “eyes and ears of the KGB.” it continued acting under Obama by his anti-police policy in America. Clinton left another devastating legacy by assigning his right-hand George Stephanopoulos to create a one-dimensional state media to serve Democrats, a-la the Soviets. I don’t know the Trump case against ABC News and George Stephanopoulos for defamation, but I have written a lot about George and his father’s affiliation with Liberation Theology, infiltrated by the KGB. George has “accomplished” a great deal. I don’t know how he did it. Maybe a lot of other Socialist Charlatans helped him in his assignment. Just look at the current American Media and you will see his “achievements…”

There is another Socialist Charlatan—Mayor Pete, who is constantly lecturing us about democracy. Mayor Pete is repeating professionally his father, who was a lecturer of Marxism-Leninism in Russia. Lecturing Marxism-Leninism in Russia, you must have ties to the KGB. When I found that information about Peter’s father, the events presented the real picture of WWIII. Do you know who had vetted Mayor Pete? I don’t know. Maybe you know who did vet the rest of the Biden government with 90% of them socialists and communists? I don’t know. By law it is the responsibility of the FBI to vet an upcoming government, and this is a big question. Does the FBI have the knowledge to vet Socialists and Communists in America? Does the FBI have the knowledge to vet Socialist Charlatans in America? Both answers have the astounding NO!

There is more. I have purposely reminded you about Clinton’s Mafia with the network of the lawyers serving the Dem’s party and Socialist Charlatans. Michael Cohen was Trump’s lawyer, defending the interests of his client, until everything changed and Cohen became a perjurer. The changes have been brought by Cohen’s lawyer, Larry Davis, a member of Clinton’s Mafia, still acting under the belly of the country. I have been writing about Larry Davis a great deal and he is not alone. Abbe Lowell, a current Hunter Biden’s lawyer, also belongs to the Clinton’s Mafia network within a deeply partisan Dem’s party. Don’t be surprised by Hunter sabotaging the Republican House committee, buying time. The Dems’ priorities in the 2024 election are control and power by any possible means, including usage of Stalin’s Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication and fraud…

Socialist Charlatans are the cadres, main force of the Evil Doer and the Democrat party—watch Biden’s team. Can you now grasp the variety and different kinds of Socialist Charlatans tearing apart the American democracy of our wonderful country? They have riddled all spheres of our society from the streets to the business. Jessie Smollett is a typical Socialist Charlatan—a political Con man! The Sam Bankman who got 25 years in prison is also Socialist Charlatan, who worked with and was supervised by the KGB’s Mafia/Army to bankrupt our economy and provide money for Vladimir Putin.

The recent Dem’s Manhattan fundraising with three Democrat-Presidents elevated themselves on the stage has completed the picture of current American Chaos created by the Democrats leadership. No money can buy the Truth! I have reminded you about Clinton’s Mafia and Obama’s  anti-police policy for a reason—both are alive and well in 2024. Three Dem’s Presidents showed unity in covering up crimes they had committed and pro-Palestinian protesters emphasized it at Manhattan fundraising. The truth is that three Democrats’ Presidents have defended themselves by their theatrical performances aimed at deceiving you. Using Stalin’s postulate, they were accusing Trump of crimes they themselves had committed.

I stand with Evan! Today marks a year since WSJ’s journalist Evan Gershkovich was arrested and imprisoned in Russia. I don’t think he can be freed soon: Russia is playing a geopolitical game with Americans, incompetent Americans. Evan is innocent, but Russia, as usual, is waiting for a bargain to trade him for a more valuable Russian spy or Socialist Charlatan, who implements the Dems agenda and arrested. Everything written here the Dems know, it is written for the Republicans to know the truth and act accordingly. The Dem’s party destroys the American Constitutional republic designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers. They hate America and committed treason. This is a reality of life!!!

The Republicans do not know Socialist Charlatans and are dealing with Joe Biden in a too delicate manner. What is the legal position of Hunter Biden to border AirForce 1 and Airforce 2? It is only the relation with the President. Tony Bobulinski has testified about the relationship and common intent. In fact, Hunter Biden revealed his intent to influence paddling by the telephone message to his Chinese client, and Joe Biden met with this client. I believe, this unity of the INTENT based on the relation, constitutes the crime that was committed by the group (the aggravating circumstances). In my opinion, Susann Rice is running this Unity to cover up the Democrat party crimes had committed before. She also runs Biden’s staff in cahoots with Vladimir Putin. That means, the White House policy is directed by Putin. I told you so before.

Those who talk about Marxism in America are not helping the Republicans to escape a vicious circle of incompetence. They are bringing “the odor of mendacity” and rehabilitating the actual culprit Putin’s Global Spy Ring and its manager the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer. Marxism was used by Socialist Charlatan, Joseph Stalin, who preached Marxist’s rhetoric and weaponized law enforcement agencies, building a network of punitive agencies and fraudulent ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. The Republicans have seven months to learn about our deadly enemies: the Socialist/Communist tandem of the Russian/Chinese Intel.

My fellow Americans!  We are witnessing the Putin Socialist Revolution in America. Educate yourselves by reading my columns to grasp the fraud degrading the world.

Stop Biden’s implementation of Stalin’s Soviet Fascism in America!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued and at Simona Pipko

©2024. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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