The Hate Israel Cowards in Biden’s State Department Hide Under the Tables in Jerusalem

On May 18th, 2018 President Trump displayed superior leadership when he relocated the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem in the beautiful nation of Israel. Other nations followed Trumps lead including Guatemala, Honduras, Kosovo and Papua New Guinea in 2023.

Yet today, April 12th, 2024 the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem issued a security warning to all its consulate employees and their families.

The Marxist Ambassador at the Israeli embassy Jacob L. Lew is following orders from installed Marxist Joe Biden’s 7th floor State Department which has now imposed travel restrictions on the embassies employees movements.

Ambassador Jacob Lew has zero experience running an embassy. His former tax payer funded employment included his role as Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources under the criminal and corrupt Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This low IQ Marxist running the Israeli Embassy also helped start the destruction of our free market economy when he served as the 76th Secretary of the Treasury, plus he served as White House Chief of Staff and twice as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), under both Epstein’s pal BJ Clinton and Communist President Hussein Obama.

The Marxists in Biden’s weaponized State Department are sniveling anti Semitic cowards that now fear that Iran will retaliate on Israel after a outstanding drone strike killed a group of low life Iranian military cockroach commanders in the Iranian consulate in Syria, or as we call them in our conservative base terrorists.

Remember when Israel defends itself and non combatants get accidentally hit it’s called genocide and a war crime but when the United States does the same thing itself it’s called collateral damage.

Iran does not have the guts to directly attack Israel because it knows that will end their nuclear weapons program immediately with an Israeli response.

The Ambassador of the United States at the Embassy in Jerusalem is a low life coward bringing disrespect and cowardice to our republic by telling Americans to hide.

What we should be concerned about is an illegal immigrant from the terror nation of Afghanistan whose name is on the so called Bush terror watchlist who was arrested last month by the Border Patrol.

He was freed and has entered back into our republic by an insane immigration judge who released him even after the judge was told by the Border Patrol this individual is a national security threat.

This illegal immigrant and possible future sleeper terrorist Mohammad Kharwin, age 48, is currently out on bond as he now awaits an immigration hearing in Texas, scheduled for sometime in 2025. Do you honestly believe he will make his court date ?

Seriously folks our republic has zero protections and a wide open border intentionally created by the installed Marxist pro Hamas corrupt Joe Biden yet the employees at the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem are told they can’t leave home out of fear of an Iranian strike on Israel.

The security of Israel is second to none and unlike the United States they have secure borders, the real security issues are right here at home in our own backyard and right now Texas has an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan on a terror watchlist running around free.

Buy more ammunition folks and get more range time under your belt. You are going to need it sooner rather than later.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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