Removing Monuments — Eradicating America

Many arguments have arisen for the removal of the Confederate Flag and other articles associated with the American Civil War/War between the States. A consistent and glaring theme that few discuss is the eradication of American history in all its’ glory and ugliness. America is not a perfect nation, but Americans from both the north and south, east and west have always striven to be free from tyrants and a government that forgets that it was established to serve the people, and not the other way around.

Our founders stated for all to read for all time and eternity that the average man and woman, all people from every background and life experience have rights, and government has only the powers the sovereign people have delegated to it.

This founding principle is also being erased by politicians in BOTH political parties.

Americans are not perfect, but Americans are a forgiving people and when wrong is exposed Americans want to right the wrong, institute correction so as not to have a repeat of the wrong, and to embrace all who adopt our American values, creeds, and ideals formulated by our Forefathers who created this unique nation. There are, however, those who clearly despise America and they are working to transform this nation into something it was never, ever intended. In attempting to accomplish their diabolical goal, they work at erasing all elements of our country’s history in the process.

These diabolically motivated Cretins care less about America’s history and care even less about embracing our history and learning from the same.

America’s principles helped create a country like none other, an exceptional nation that many in elected office today resent and are working diligently to transform into merely a country within the global sphere of countries. These folks with dark hearts cannot comprehend why Americans defend their country with every drop of blood within them.

Those with diabolical schemes coursing through their veins cannot comprehend why Americans look fondly to this nation’s origins, vigilantly assert their political rights and civic responsibilities, and hold in their hearts the special meaning that is America with our role, and yes, our responsibility to the world.

Transform America. Eradicate all signs and wonders of America’s exceptional creation and development. Forever remove all history so a population has no reference point, no foundation, no appreciation much less understanding of all the costs to simply bring us to this point in time. Transform America into something far from the ideals and vision our Forefathers intended and gave their sacred honor to embrace.

Erase every monument and article of this Nation’s history to redirect the citizens of America into a New-World Order that is not exceptional at all except for its’ tyrannical rule and removal of individual rights and freedoms, including the celebrating of individual gifts and strengths.

The men of Kentucky would not have stood for this; neither would the men of Pennsylvania. NO…the brave and dedicated men who faced off against one another in the War Between the States would have linked arms and faced off against the evil change and eradication now attempting to sweep across the land.

What about you?

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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