For Hamas Supporters in Munich This May, It’s Springtime For Hitler, and Germany

Munich, where Hitler staged his attempted Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923, was his favorite city, filled early on with Nazi true believers. He would have been pleased to see the 4,000 antisemites out in force in mid-May, marching along, baying their hate in front of the city’s main synagogue, scaring the Jews worshipping inside on Shabbat. They called for the destruction of the one, very small, Jewish state and of all of its Jewish inhabitants. If you’re a Nazi, what’s not to like? More on this horrifying spectacle can be found here: “Mass antisemitic rally in front of Munich synagogue calls for Israel’s eradication,” by Benjamin Weinthali24 News, May 19, 2024:

Nearly 4,000 anti-Israel protestors turned up on Saturday in front of the main Munich synagogue demanding the obliteration of the Jewish state, according to German media reports.

A mix of German Muslim, leftist and mainstream Germans appeared at the mass rally, according to the online German news organization NIUS.

So it has come to this: “Mainstream Germans” now unembarrassedly call for the obliteration of the Jewish state. These “mainstream Germans” have convinced themselves that they no longer need feel any guilt about the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, now that they can concentrate on the Holocaust being perpetrated, so they allow themselves to believe, by the Jews of Israel on their innocent Palestinian victims in Gaza. It’s preposterous, and sickening.

Signs were on display declaring “Israel has no respect for [sic] Holocaust.”

One eyewitness told NIUS that “The noise could be heard in the prayer room” in the synagogue. NUIS wrote that according to one eyewitness, “The demonstration was perceived by the Jewish community as threatening.” The eyewitness added, “What the city of Munich has achieved by approving this demonstration is to terrify the Jewish population.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told i24NEWS, “it is beyond an outrage that the local government allowed a pro-Hamas mob to march outside Munich synagogue, especially on the holy day of Shabbat. 4,000 antisemites given government sanction to curse Israel with tropes in front of a Jewish House of prayer! SWC urges State and Federal authorities to protect the Jewish community from antisemites and government officials who approved this attack.”

The Süddeutsche Zeitung paper reported one speaker at the anti-Israel protest rejected Israel’s existence, saying, “we do not recognize the right to exist if it means displacement and oppression. We only recognize the rights of the oppressed.” Israel was termed a “terrorist state” and a “Zionist regime” at the rally.

This was not a rally about a change in Israel’s boundaries, or about what a “two-state solution” should look like.It was a call for the obliteration of the Jewish state, which according to the protesters had no moral right to exist on land the Jews “had stolen from the Palestinians.” As for the Israeli Jews, the implication was that they would all have to be expelled, or killed.

NIUS reported one of the organizers from Palestine Speaks group equated Zionism with racism. “Together against Israeli fascism,” was charged at the event and reportedly a number of participants brought large keys with them, which is recognized as a symbol for the demand of the return of Palestinians to Israeli territory….

These keys are symbolic, meant to signify the properties left behind by Arabs who in 1948-1949 fled the state of Israel. They represent, too, the “right of return” of more than five million Palestinians who are demanding to be allowed back into the area where Israel now stands, thereby overwhelming the Jewish population.

Gerald Hetzel, a 27-year-old law student from Passau in Bavaria, set up a screen across from the tent encampment to show footage of Hamas’ brutality and murder spree on October 7.He told the Bild paper that “I think the camp is massively intimidating and stressful for Jewish students.” He added “It helps the most to show what happened. In the camp there is never any talk about the fact that more than 130 Israeli hostages are still being held in the Gaza Strip.”

Hetzel also oversees the German-Israel Friendship Society (DIG) in Passau. While Hetzel and DIG-Passau engage in energetic opposition to mushrooming hatred of the Jewish state in southern Germany, observers of pro-Israel activity in German say the DIG-Stuttgart in the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg refuses to call on the mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, to delete information on funding Hamas via the Palestine Committee Stuttgart on the city’s website….

The mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, continues to show information on the city’s website that lists ways to fund Hamas.

Israeli lawyers told i24 that Nopper can delete all postings of NGOs, including Palestine Committee Stuttgart, on the city website to ensure that the city does not enable Palestine Committee Stuttgart to finance the terrorist entities, Hamas and Samidoun [the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network]. Nopper has refused to scrub the city’s website of NGOs, a move which would make Hamas and Samidoun terror financing much more difficult.

While the neighboring state of North-Rhine-Westphalia has not hesitated to ban the pro-Hamas group Palestine Solidarity Duisburg, in Baden-Würtemburg it is a different story. There the mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Nopper, has refused to remove from the city’s website the list of NGOs that enable Hamas and Samidoun terror financing. He has refused to give an explanation for his failure to act. There needs to be pressure put on him to resign. Perhaps the Alternative für Deutschland anti-Muslim immigrant party, which is strong in Bavaria, will help remove Nopper from office.

Meanwhile, in Munich, 4,000 Muslims, leftists, and “mainstream Germans” have had a high old time trying to terrify Jews inside the city’s main synagogue. In front of the synagogue, they screamed “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” which means, if rightly understood, that the Jewish state must be obliterated, and a 23rd Arab state be created in its stead. The Jewish inhabitants would, of course, have to be expelled or killed. Another slogan of the rioters was “No To Genocide,” which refers, of course, to the non-existent “genocide” supposedly carried out by the IDF on the people of Gaza. Never mind the 15 million text messages, the 16 million robocalls, the 100,000 telephone calls, and the 9 million leaflets that the IDF has sent or made or dropped in order to warn civilians in Gaza away from areas, and buildings, about to be targeted. Never mind the eight field hospitals that Israel has set up in Gaza to treat Gazan civilians. Never mind the civilian-to-combatant ratio of nearly 1:1 in Gaza, a figure that, according to Professor John Spencer of West Point, is lower than that of “any army in the history of warfare.” It’s all a Zionist trick to make us think well of the apartheid colonial-settler genocidal state of Israel. We’re not fooled.



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