Some Observations about Beliefs — Part 2

Some of my Business and Personal Beliefs…

When we use the word “Beliefs” many people think of religion. However, most of our Beliefs have nothing to do with religion. As outlined in Part 1, most of our Beliefs are our opinions about what things are, how things behave, etc. Some examples of Beliefs are “We need to use a lot more wind energy if we are going to save the planet” or “We should scrap the K-12 public school system and start over,” etc.

In Part 1 I wrote: we each have KEY Beliefs, that effectively run our life. Here are some of mine…

Some of my Primary Business Beliefs (as vs Personal):

Our technical policies should be based on real Science

Our technical policies instead are based on political science. This (despite the misleading name) has nothing to do with real Science, and is actually politics.

Real Science is a Process.

The #1 Science Process is the Scientific Method. (This is an organized test of a hypothesis to determine its validity.)

The #2 Science Process is a Scientific Assessment. (This is an evaluation that is a) Objective, b) Comprehensive, c) Transparent, and d) Empirical.)

None of our alternative energy sources have been successfully subjected to either the Scientific Method or a Scientific Assessment!

As a result — no surprise — wind and solar are not economical, not reliable, and not environmentally friendly.

The Climate hypothesis (not theory!) has not been successfully subjected to either the Scientific Method or a Scientific Assessment.

As a result — again, no surprise — multiple holes and contradictions remain in the Climate hypothesis.

Healthcare is another technical matter. However, our healthcare policies are being determined by political influence, rather than by the two Science processes.

COVID publicly exposed this corruption as science-based therapies were first demeaned, and then replaced by inferior political science alternatives.

The primary objective of our K-12 education process should be that graduates have the ability and interest in doing Critical Thinking.

The most appropriate subject area to teach children how to be Critical Thinkers is Science (as real scientists are skeptics who automatically ask a lot of questions).

Instead, our children are being taught the opposite of Critical Thinking: conformity — e.g., defer to: experts, consensus, computers, political correctness, etc.

The most important objective of the US election process should be that there is election integrity (i.e., every citizen has one vote).

The only accurate way to assess whether there is election integrity, is a post-election forensic audit.

To date, there have been ZERO official post-election forensic audits — so ALL claims that we have had election integrity are complete speculation.

To defend their rights, citizens need to: a) get educated about the issues at stake, b) apply Critical Thinking, c) work together with allies, d) learn from what has worked (or not) in the past, and e) be persistent.

Some of my Primary Personal Beliefs (expressed as metaphors):

  • Work as if everything depends on me, but pray as if everything depends on God
  • Doing the Right Thing is often not the easiest choice at the time, but it is always the best choice in the long run (similar to: Two wrongs don’t make a right)
  • Variety is the spice of life
  • Keep It Simple (KISS)
  • Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it (which is another version of Don’t Reinvent the Wheel)
  • Time = Life: wasting our time is wasting our life.
  • Waste not, want not
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say
  • If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right
  • Many hands make light work
  • The squeaky wheel gets greased
  • Work before pleasure
  • Changing the Beliefs of others is the way to get them to change their behavior

Some final food for thought:

Experience is the hardest teacher as she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards…

Part 3 will wrap up our overview of Beliefs. It is about getting others to see the merits of your perspective, and to change their actions accordingly.

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