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VIDEO: Cancel Culture Needs to Leave John ‘The Duke’ Wayne Alone!

Please take a moment to watch, “The Hyphen” by John “The Duke” Wayne.  My wife Mary has a habit of disturbing my peace by reading me headlines and news stories from her phone which annoy me. Thus, I learned that Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists seek to cancel legendary American actor and icon, John […]

GOP Left the Door Open for BLM

Hey everyone. Mary stumbled across this picture buried in a box of old photos. Before I began touring nationally on Tea Party Express in 2008, I designed an outreach campaign to take the good news of conservatism to the black community. America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose […]

VIDEOS: Trump’s July 4th Birthday Gifts to America

President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech was extremely important for two reasons.  One: Trump gave terrified corporations permission to stop groveling to BLM. Fake news media are masters of illusion. Their celebratory reporting deceived corporations into believing a majority of Americans support Black Lives Matter’s absurd demands. Therefore, corporations wrote several million dollar please-don’t-attack-my-business checks to […]

This Black American Deems Floyd Protests Unnecessary

https://twitter.com/dma4him/status/1267474764442013702?s=11 As a black American, Democrats and fake news media demand that I agree with the George Floyd protests. I say the protests are unnecessary and are totally politically motivated. The American people of all races including president Trump have expressed their outrage over the wrongful death of Mr. Floyd. The officer who killed Mr. […]

Reopen America Now!

Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, was a beautiful sunny day. Mary and I left our West Virginia home to make the 40-mile trek to Walmart and Home Depot in Virginia. We drove past a Virginia megachurch which usually has state cops directing traffic for the congregation. The parking lot was empty with a large “closed” sign. […]

Deliver Us from Evil Democrats

Despite 30 million Americans losing their jobs, domestic violence and suicides on the rise, Democrats and fake news media are terrifying Americans into believing the lock-down must continue. These evil wicked people are fully committed to using coronavirus to stop Trump’s reelection. I scratch my head thinking, “Don’t these wacko leftists realize that if they […]

Trump is Not Weakening

Kristy at #Reopen USA posted the following: “Anyone else feeling like Trump is behaving a bit weak in all this? It’s just a question don’t attack, I’ve been a supporter from day one, and continue to be, but I’m surprised at how he is handling the re-opening of the country. Some of these Governors are […]

Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

Everyday we are seeing more studies which confirm that COVID-19 is not deadlier than the flu. Numerous health experts say social-distancing is not the correct solution. The total shutdown of America was not necessary. Meanwhile, Democrat and RINO governors continue to decree absurd overreaching restrictions to supposedly “protect us”. The Raleigh N.C. police declared “protesting […]