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Deliver Us from Evil Democrats

Despite 30 million Americans losing their jobs, domestic violence and suicides on the rise, Democrats and fake news media are terrifying Americans into believing the lock-down must continue. These evil wicked people are fully committed to using coronavirus to stop Trump’s reelection. I scratch my head thinking, “Don’t these wacko leftists realize that if they […]

Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

Everyday we are seeing more studies which confirm that COVID-19 is not deadlier than the flu. Numerous health experts say social-distancing is not the correct solution. The total shutdown of America was not necessary. Meanwhile, Democrat and RINO governors continue to decree absurd overreaching restrictions to supposedly “protect us”. The Raleigh N.C. police declared “protesting […]

Will Trump Betray Us After Corona?

Some people are stunned that government using computer models to predict high corona virus deaths has many Americans willing to gift Democrats/fake news media their lifelong dream of ending the U.S. Constitution. Panic-stricken citizens want everyone non-compliant to immediate dictatorial government demands thrown into jail. Consequently, Democrats are behaving like power-drunk pirates, raping and pillaging […]

How Long Will Americans Tolerate Corona-Madness

A usually level-headed Christian conservative lashed out on Facebook scolding everyone they thought was not taking the Corona virus seriously enough. Fake news media has successfully infected many with irrational fear. Hearing Gov Larry Hogan on my car radio announcing his executive order to close bars, restaurants, gyms and theaters sounded like the script of […]

Mr President, Don’t Go Changin’

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace implied that Trump behaved vengefully by firing LTC Vindman after his impeachment acquittal. Wallace’s guest, Republican advisor Karl Rove said Trump should be moving the country forward after his acquittal rather than passionately calling out the Democrats. I thought, “Are you guys nuts? Have you not been paying […]