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Gantz & Lapid’s “Blue and White” — A fragile, directionless, ad hoc political concoction

The purported electoral appeal of the Blue & White line-up is that it includes 3 former IDF Chiefs-of-Staff, yet virtually invariably when top military figures have departed from their field of expertise (security) & ventured into one where they have none (politics), they have been disastrously wrong. The greatest tragedy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is […]

The 2019 Intelligence Assessment: The policy implications for Gaza

It would seem futile to conduct yet another indecisive round of fighting, only to return to yet another tense and sporadically violent interbellum for several years—until the next major flare-up of fighting… Military assessment warns of high risk of war with Gaza – The Times of Israel, Feb. 13. 2019. Israeli military report predicts high […]

INTO THE FRAY: Unilateral concessions — The latent agenda for the April elections

Despite claims to the contrary, the Palestinian-Arabs, territory and the fate of the Jewish settlements will permeate the agenda of the April elections, lurking below and hovering above all other issues.  Almost inevitably, elections in Israel revolve—one way or another—around one issue…even when everyone insists they don’t. This is the “Palestinian problem” and its unavoidable […]

Will Trump’s Mid East Deal Naturalize Palestinians in Arab Countries?

Naturalization of Palestinian diaspora in Arab countries is potentially the most significant element in Trump’s “ultimate deal”.  In recent weeks, rumors have been swirling as to the substance of the much anticipated “deal of the century”, billed by the Trump administration as a compelling blueprint for resolving the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has plagued […]

INTO THE FRAY: The imperative for incentivized Arab migration & the emerging inevitability of the Humanitarian Paradigm

Once inconceivable, the dismantling of UNRWA; the naturalization of stateless Palestinian residents in Arab countries; and the emigration of Palestinians from Judea-Samaria & Gaza are slowly emerging as realistic outcomes Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth – Sherlock Holmes, in “The Sign of the Four”. Over […]

INTO THE FRAY: Generals in Israeli politics — The pinnacle of perversity?

As a rule, on entering Israeli politics, senior military and security figures have played a troubling role, which has—almost uniformly—proved disastrous, both for the country and/or for themselves. “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” – Alice in Wonderland. Little could have reflected the perversity of politics in Israel more […]