Florida: The Diocese of Palm Beach lied to us about Common Core

Hope all is well on this “Feast Day of St. Bartholomew” – one of the twelve – as we truly need more than “12” disciples today in our relentless fight against the intrinsic evils that attack our beloved Catholic Church 24/7. And, sadly and ironically enough, it is NOT the militants from ISIS, the terrorists from Hamas, Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram – or any of the radical Islamic groups who are terrorizing our world today – but, rather our own Catholic Church leaders, Bishops and Catholic Educators who are wreaking havoc on our own Catholic schools and church.

They are truly the ones who have done the most damage to our own Catholic schools and freedom of religion by going against their very own Catholic Faith and compromising their Catholic identity – denouncing our Almighty Father – and worshiping the Almighty Dollar…I have said it a million times and it rings truer today as every American citizen in this country can vividly see how these Church leaders & Bishops have disgraced our beloved Holy Catholic Church while “serving two masters” – and selfishly adopting the Curse of Common Core in their schools.

Twelve months, 24 days and 6 hours have gone by since I began my personal fight against the “Curse of Common Core” to try to protect the integrity of the Holy Catholic Church that I adore; the integrity of our Holy Catholic schools; and the future generations to come, who will be stuck with this socialist indoctrination for decades to come – unless the Catholics of this world stand up for their Catholic Church and say “NO” to Common Core!!

We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg right now as nobody will see anything too blatant or out of the ordinary at the beginning. Slowly but surely, teachers, students and parents will begin to see the subtle changes of this socialist indoctrination and when the teachers, students and parents bring these concerns up to the church leaders and school administrators who brought it among us – it will be too late. You do business with the devil – he calls out the tunes – and you church and school leaders better learn the two-step mighty quick because this socialist disease is more than crippling…The only cure is to denounce Common Core and go back to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church…


The Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, fifth Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach.

If you have followed along for the past seven weeks with the Diocese of Palm Beach, you would have seen that we “Declared Victory” back on July 2nd, when Bishop Barbarito told the entire diocese that “The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Palm Beach are NOT adopting the Common Core State Standards”. It was national news – it went viral…it went through the roof…it went to waste…it went down the drain.

To quote hundreds of you who wrote to me – “Willy, we were lied to! How can that happen in a Catholic Diocese?”

Yes, the entire diocese was taken for a ride when the superintendent said it differently and allowed the intrinsic evil of Common Core – text books, all its components & makeup – everything except the name – to infiltrate our beloved classrooms on August 18th…And, that was the Game Plan all along. One hell of a stealth operation from a Catholic diocese…The other “6” dioceses in the state of Florida followed the same sneaky plan…and, GOD – the “Official Superintendent” – is watching it all from high above.

All that hard work; all the blood, sweat and tears; all the sacrifice; all the prayers; all the deception behind this stealth operation that has turned the entire diocese into a “distrustful place of work”…Who can we trust anymore? Especially when the good, honest people of this diocese are now up against this government take-over of our education system – overseen by the liberal Obama administration – all contingent upon the “root of all evil” – Money!!! You take money from the devil – you have to dance to his music. Obamacare all over again – ObamaCore – right here in our own beloved Catholic schools…And, the government now gets to call all the shots and pull all the strings while parents scratch their heads and continue to ask: “Willy, is this that Common Core stuff you warned us about last August?”…

Money – that old “30 pieces of silver” – will always get everybody’s attention, but, in the long run, it will do one in. It caused one of the twelve to betray Jesus with a “kiss of death”, hang himself from a tree and 2,000 years later, it comes back to haunt us right before our very own eyes. Selling one’s soul for 30 pieces of silver is drastic and a grave sin. It will grab you by the neck. Selling one’s soul at the expense of 6,000 school children is unacceptable and is more than a sin…It will get you on Judgment Day.

Diocese of Palm Beach rejects Common Core for Catholic Schools

Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito, the Diocese of Palm Beach, has decided to placed the defense of faith and the welfare of Catholic children first over government pressures and money handouts by rejecting Florida State Standards.  For the school year, 2014-2015, all of Palm Beach County Catholic schools will not be following the Florida (Common Core) State Standards.

Bishop Palm Beach

Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito

Florida Catholics Against Common Core (FCACC) states in an email:

We thank you for sending the petition letters to the Florida Bishops and to the courageous families in the Palm Beach area for starting the removal of Common Core from our Catholic schools.  We thank Bishop Barbarito for being “Bold for his Faith” by standing up for our beloved school children and saying NO to the curse of Common Core!  Thank you and God Bless You, Bishop!

We still need more petitions, we have many other Bishops that need to be as courageous as Bishop Barbarito and put a stop to this takeover of the Federal government on the education of our children.

We are asking you to share our request for petitions with your family, friends and neighbors.  Remember that they do not have to have children in Catholic schools to send a petition to the Bishops.  A shared concern is sufficient.

In order to stop Common Core everywhere we need to start some place and the Florida Catholic schools have been a first-line defender for education and moral values being taught to our children.

We will be contacting the Bishops personally as soon as enough petitions are sent.

The more we learn about Common Core, the more concerned we become, and we know for sure that we need to stop Common Core everywhere.  Our children are our future,  We must protect them and give them every opportunity to succeed.

Those concerned citizens wishing to sign the FCACC petition my do so by clicking on this link.