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Trump Voters In New Hampshire Say They’re With Him Until The End, Indictments Be Damned

  • New Hampshire voters supporting former President Donald Trump told the Daily Caller News Foundation that they will support his bid for a second term regardless of the outcome of the four criminal indictments against him.
  • The Trump supporters slammed the charges against the former president at a campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire, and told the DCNF even a potential conviction wouldn’t sway their vote.
  • “He could do anything — I’m voting for him,” Bill, a New Hampshire voter, told the DCNF.

ROCHESTER, New Hampshire — Multiple New Hampshire supporters of former President Donald Trump told the Daily Caller News Foundation at his campaign event on Sunday that they will support his White House bid despite the charges against him.

The former president is facing four criminal indictments as he runs for a second term, some of which he’ll have to go to trial for ahead of a potential rematch with President Joe Biden in November. Voters bashed the indictments during a Trump campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire, two days before they take to the polls in the first-in-the-nation primary and told the DCNF that they would back the former president regardless of a potential conviction.

One Trump-supporting woman told the DCNF that she would “absolutely” support the former president if he were convicted before the general election.

“I believe all the charges are false,” she said.

Bill and Josh, two event attendees who are also backing Trump for president, said they’ll support the former president no matter what.

“He could do anything — I’m voting for him,” Bill told the DCNF, adding that the charges were “fake indictments.”

“100%, all the way,” Josh said.

One Trump-supporting couple also said such a conviction wouldn’t change their minds.

“Doesn’t matter, regardless,” the man told the DCNF. “It seems like there’s two rules of law when it comes to him versus what you see going on in the Biden camp.”

Phillip and Derrick, two brothers who are supporting the former president, also said nothing would sway their vote.

“Those [indictments] are jokes, no one gives a shit about ’em,” Phillip told the DCNF.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg handed down the first indictment in late March 2023, alleging that the former president falsified business records when reimbursing an alleged hush-money payment to porn star actress Stormy Daniels.

Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump in early June for allegedly mishandling classified documents. Two months later, Smith issued another indictment against the former president, this time for alleged interference in the 2020 election and alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Most recently, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis indicted Trump over alleged interference in Georgia’s 2020 election. Willis has since been hit with corruption allegations over the potential misuse of public funds when she hired her alleged lover as a special prosecutor on the Trump case.

Denise, a New Hampshire voter who attended the Trump event but said she’s still undecided on who to support in the primary, told the DCNF she’d likely vote for Trump over Biden, even if he’s convicted.

“I mean, you know what they say about the lesser of two evils?” Denise said. “I don’t know that the whole court cases isn’t in some part a witch hunt. I mean, not to say that I think Trump’s an amazing human being, but I think that he’s vilified a lot.”

The federal election interference trial is set for March 4, and Bragg’s case against Trump is scheduled for a March 25 trial. Smith’s classified documents case is scheduled to go to trial on May 20, and Willis has been pushing for an Aug. 5 date for the Georgia case.

Support for the former president in the Republican primary has only increased since the first indictment was issued last year, according to the RealClearPolitics average. The race has narrowed down to just Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who he is leading by 15 points in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The former president overwhelmingly won the Iowa caucus on Monday with 51% support, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 21.2%, Haley at 19.1% and conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy at 7.7%. DeSantis and Ramaswamy have since dropped out, and they both threw their support behind Trump.

Trump’s campaign did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





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Treasonous Illegal Take Down and the Failed Coup d’ etat

The biggest political scandal in US history has been exposed. The treasonous illegal take down (insurance policy – which has lapsed), and the failed coup d’ etat is exposed for the world to see. We are now living in a post Mueller Investigation. It’s a brand new day! The disruptive cloud of the collusion hoax has been lifted. President Trump is unchained. Watch Trump at this recent rally in Michigan as he unleashes on the fake news, democrats and the deep state. Furthermore, we will begin to see even greater success with international leaders and negotiations with such countries as China and North Korea etc. Any delays or uncertainties that the witch hunt created will no longer be an obstacle to forging ahead with our allies and trading partners as Trump dismantles globalism and the new world order.

Trump Unchained

With this hoax, for all intents and purposes behind us, President Trump has now openly gone on the offense. The enemy has been and continues to be doing an excellent job at destroying themselves. The president has expressed his views on the dedicated one hour show with Sean Hannity (a must watch), as well as to the international media and from his busy Twitter account. The president acknowledged that this was not only a complete fabricated hoax, but in fact a treasonous illegal take down and failed coup d’ etat against a duly elected president. Trump vows to expose this so that justice will be served. The president stated this must never happen again to any president.

When asked by Hannity about declassifying FISA and other intel records and releasing this to the public, the President concurred that this will now take place. Trump indicated to Sean Hannity that he will now look into Hillary Clinton which I have a well documented track record stating this day would come. President Trump has used words such as evil individuals. Sick people doing really bad things. With regards to the media in a tweet, the president said “The Fake News Media is going Crazy! They are suffering a major “breakdown,” have ZERO credibility or respect, & must be thinking about going legit. I have learned to live with Fake News, which has never been more corrupt than it is right now. Someday, I will tell you the secret! Looking forward to the secret revealed Mr. President.

The president talked with Sean about Obama and his responsibility in all this since it was under BHO’s watch and BHO’s DOJ, FBI, CIA where and when all this originated. We’ve known all along about the Bushes, Clinton’s and Obama’s. The Bush’s are now under Trump’s control. Beginning perhaps from the bottom up, we will see Clinton and Obama in due time, facing justice. What did the founding fathers say is the punishment for elected officials guilty of high crimes, sedition and treason? Oh yeah, execution.

Keep in mind that Google hearings are on going. Facebook is under federal investigation and frantically data dumping as an attempt to hide their crimes.  FB, Twitter, Google, Microsoft YouTube etc. will be challenged further. Are they news sites? Are they breaking any laws with regards to censorship? Shadow banning? Data mining? Algorithms designed to silence the opposition? Leave this up to intel and the lawyers but I am sure we will be hearing about monopolies and anti trust laws along the way.

Q has told us there are over 82,000 sealed indictments. We are witnessing sedition and treason. We are witnessing felonies, high crimes and misdemeanors. These acts will now see the light of day and the facts will be known as the day of reckoning is upon is. Comey, Shiff, Schummer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Ryan, Burr along with McCabe, Clapper, Brennan and so many others.

Watch Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul. The probes, hearings, investigations, grand juries, subpoenas, indictments as well as military tribunals, will now commence and quicker than we may think. This will, however go on for several years. But it’s a new day dawning. In fact, President Trump stated on that Hannity interview I mentioned, that we are in a very dark, dark period but we are now shedding light and coming into the truth and into the light. Yes, from dark to light.

Closing Remarks

President Trump mentioned in the Hannity interview that he is working on restoring election integrity of which I have written extensively about in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America“. Trump talked about the importance of a paper ballot back up to computers which we now all know are rigged. The chapter in my book titled “Free and Fair  Elections” is perhaps among the first to reveal what really went on rigging the polls, election theft and voter fraud.  We have now officially entered steps six, seven and eight on the scale of discovery and action which will prove to be the longest and most dangerous phase as we are well engaged in America’s second revolution. The democrats, fake news and the deep state will fight back with a vengeance. Expect further false narratives and legal attacks and attempts against the president. False flags will continue and perhaps escalate in terms of damage. Be prepared spiritually, personally and economically.

The hoax has ended. Take a win. Calm down and enjoy the ride. And so the Nuremberg style trials that I wrote about back in August of 2017 are now at our doorstep. In fact with the tribunals of both John McCain and George Herbert Walker Bush already behind us, I stand corrected as this has already begun. Get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Informed – Connected – Grounded

Read through my books and nearly 400 articles here on this website. Sign up for the JMC Report. I have a pretty good track record for over two decades. It’s either us or them. Mark my words. They are all going down. The global financial reset and the rule of law reset are the underlying policies of which our brilliant and brave President is operating. President Trump is restoring power to the people and re-directing the course for humanity. We are on God’s side. May the force remain with us.

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Biggest Political Scandal in US History Conclusion No Collusion

So special counsel Robert Mueller concludes and submits his investigative report to the AG. The biggest political scandal in US history, conclusion no collusion and no further indictments (at least not against the President and his supportive allies). The subpoenas and indictments will now be served to all those who have engaged unlawfully in this unprecedented witch hunt. God bless you Mr. Trump. This is a pendulum shifting moment in the Trump presidency. What follows now will be earth shattering. The plan is unfolding as it should as we go from dark to light. Three things cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth. Let the show begin.

Day of Reckoning

Alas! The day of reckoning is knocking on Mueller and Comey’s doors along with a really long list of other bad cops and co-conspirators. The media is further exposed and has not one shred of credibility. Many people will begin to awaken and join us in truth. All roads eventually will lead up to Clinton and Obama which we have all been waiting. The plan is unfolding as it should. Trust the plan. No one will escape justice under President Trump’s re-institution of the rule of law. They’re all in the soup and they are all going down. The precedent will now be set to help prevent this from ever happening again. The hammer of justice will show no mercy. Thank you Lord.

Trump Goes to War with the Deep State

President Trump is at war with the deep state. Check out my raw unedited and very recent interview which will be edited and up on INFOWARS any day now. This now begins a reversal of the false narrative as Trump goes to war with the deep state. For the next six years of the Trump presidency en route to MAGA and the resurrection of America, the evil treasonous acts of the deep state and its operatives across the globe will now come to light. The truth about the Mueller witch hunt, voter fraud and election theft, the 33,000 e-mail scandal, Benghazi, 911, the central banking system, pedophilia and so much more will be exposed for all the world to see as President Donald J. Trump gains global support.

We have now officially entered steps six, seven and eight on the scale of discovery and action.  The deep state and its pathetic puppets are shivering in their shorts and running for the hills. Things will get nasty. Truly, the battle has just begun. Buckle down as false flags will escalate as the desperate acts of the deep state will be shocking. We are fighting for the survival of our country and we are indeed winning. And as to the election of 2020 (should we have an election), just know that the Democrat party is gone and has been replaced with socialist-communists along with Sharia law focused terrorists.

Informed – Connected – Grounded

Read through my books and nearly 400 articles here on this website. Sign up for the JMC Report. I have a pretty good track record for over two decades. It’s either us or them. Mark my words. They are all going down. The global financial reset and the rule of law reset are the underlying policies of which our brilliant and brave President is operating. President Trump is restoring power to the people and re-directing the course for humanity. We are on God’s side. May the force remain with us.

Podcast: JMC Report


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