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How I discovered the ‘Voice of Israel’ [+Audio]

How I discovered Voice of Israel radio and rediscovered my precious friend Danny Seaman, valiant chief of the Government Press Office when we first met about ten years ago, one of the first and finest and onliest in the Israeli government bureaucracy to declare, without ever flinching, that the al Dura news broadcast is a […]

Now Look What They’ve Done [In English and Hebrew]

“Now look what they’ve done!” That sums up the reaction, in certain quarters, to the November 18th slaughter at Kehilat B’nei Torah. They who? Palestinians? Israeli Arabs? Terrorists? Mujahidin? Activists? Résistants? No. The Jews. Israel = the Jews, look at what they’ve done now. Will they never learn? The massacre is condemned, that’s the first […]

Gaza-Israel: It Doesn’t Add Up

Paris 16 July 2014 (anniversary of the rafle du Vel d’Hiv) [My English version of an article I originally wrote in French] Israel, they say, harumph, has the right to defend itself, but…  But not entirely. Both sides are asked to act with restraint. Not exactly both. Because the conflict is lopsided: 37 then 58, 102, […]

Anti-Israel Protesters Attack Paris Synagogues: Congregants trapped in building as Bastille Day demonstration turns violent

Traditionally French people dance in the streets and fire stations on the eve of the Quatorze Juillet, known in English as Bastille Day. This year, however, anti-Israel demonstrators took control of the monument in the center of the Bastille circle Sunday, brandishing Palestinian flags and cardboard replicas of scimitars and Kassam rockets. Described in AFP releases as […]

Marine Le Pen Shopping for Allies at the EU Parliament in Brussels — Part 3

American banking authorities are threatening to slap a 10 billion dollar fine on France’s top bank, BNP Paribas, accused of handling transactions in dollars from 2002-9 for customers from Iran, Cuba, and Sudan, in violation of an American embargo. What does this have to do with the Front National? Would an anti-Islamization party be shocked […]

Marine Le Pen is Shopping for Allies at the EU Parliament

Follow the story in real time: Having outdone the major opposition party—UMP—and trounced the governing Socialists in last week’s European elections, Marine Le Pen went off to Brussels today, looking for allies. If she can form a block of at least 25 deputies representing seven different countries, she will drastically improve her chances to influence […]

Al Dura all over again: Israeli forces accused of executing 2 Palestinian youths

A Palestinian NGO releases a video [below] purporting to show two Palestinian “youths” executed in cold blood by Israeli forces. One is allegedly shot in the back. Unarmed, innocent, minding their own business, they are knocked down like clay figures in a shooting gallery. Pam! Pam! They’re dead, one after the other, in quick succession. […]

France: The Front National’s dark underside

Nigel Farage, head of Britain’s UKIP, has flatly rejected an alliance with France’s Front National. While granting FN president Marine Le Pen’s courage and perspicacity on some crucial issues, Farage says she has failed to rid the party of its endemic anti-Semitism. Coupled with an earlier decision announced by Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s […]

The Joy of Thinking: Shmuel Trigano

Denmark has banned “ritual slaughter.” Why? Both Muslim and Jewish authorities had already accepted non-penetrating stunning prior to halal or kosher slaughter. There are no kosher slaughterhouses left in Denmark. But that’s not the issue. Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen justifies the ban, enacted on February 13th and effective on the 17th, on the grounds that “animal rights […]

Hollande government chokes on “Gender Theory”

The French government’s attempts to have old-fashioned pink and blue sexual stereotypes replaced with a basket of new kinky stereotypes celebrating same-sex parents, homosexuals, transvestites and the like – have run into trouble. France’s Socialist Hollande government, mired in unprecedented depths of unpopularity, was caught red-handed with its latest social engineering experiment: a pilot project in […]

France’s united front of Jew hatred

Parts of the French left have no problems participating in anti-Semitic demonstrations demanding that Jews be kicked out of France. The Socialist government is less than pleased. PARIS. What happened in the streets of Paris on the 26th of January? On the eve of Shoah Remembrance Day, a significant contingent of demonstrators marching in the Jour de […]