VIDEO: A Genius Level Tactic in the War to Speak Truth about Islam

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One of our go-to arguments here at Vlad, used to be the idea of saying to people:

“If I said I wanted for Islam, what Islam wants for the rest of humanity, am I guilty of a hate crime?”

The idea of course is it forces people to either admit that Islam is a doctrine of global and genocidal manifest destiny, or they keep pretending its the religion of peace and are annoyed as hell that I can continue to say that.

There is a loop hole of course that renders this tactic less useful, and that is the socialist notion that you can adjust the context of anything said by anyone to suit your specific and immediate purpose and therefore attack the speaker on something other than the objective truth.

But this guy, this guy gets it right and you can see the results in people’s reactions.

I hope he does a series:

“Islam is right about black people.”

“Islam is right about dogs.”

“Islam is right about Jews”

“Islam is right about all non-muslims”

This is forcing people to examine what Islam really says to know if its a problem or not.

I doubt this tactic will work as well as it would in a nation of reason and truth based events. But damn it is an excellent try.

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